It’s on hold right now.

I have moved house to Nottingham, and while the house is being ‘refurbed’, I don’t have a studio or space for my mixer desk/setup.

I have been musical from a very early age; loved classical and ‘pop’ music in all of their forms (except Country and Western), played in school orchestras, school brass bands, Abergavenny Borough Brass Band, National Youth Orchestra of Wales and sung in school choirs and church choirs.

As I grew up, even though I’d moved away from home, I kept my musical interests going by performing with more church choirs, the BBC Choral Society and, inevitably, my musicianship grew to include my own amateurish guitar efforts.

In mid-2007 I began thinking about using the podcast platform to create my own kind of entertainment, the kind of show that I wanted to listen to while I was travelling up and down the M5 on a daily basis.

And that’s how This Reality Podcast came about. Initially it was just me ranting and raving and playing good records, but as I went to more and more unsigned band gigs, it became obvious that I should promote talent.

I’m happy to say that the growth of the audience has been phenomenal.

If you’ve never tried a podcast before, and you’d like to try out one of the shows, just follow one of the simple instructions below. You can:

  • get the show from iTunes, put them on your iPod, laptop, computer, iPhone, iPad or other portable mp3 device. To do this, just click here (honest, it’s really free!)
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  • pick up each show from the website as and when you want. To do this, just click here and then go to the show number you fancy and choose the ‘listen’ option of your choice (and yes, it’s still free!).
  • And, for all you mobile phone freaks, you can get the show on your mobile from my friends over here at Stitcher.com (and yes, it’s *still* free!)