Some things never change

In a stunning return to the form of October last year, my back decided to mess me about.

The fact that this coincided with me going out and buying a soopah-doopah hybrid (road- and mountain-) bike is, I’m sure, entirely erm coincidental.

Especially as I haven’t even got the SDHB home yet; it’s still nestling at the store.

And on that basis I can’t even blame taking up cycling as the cause of the aforementioned back issue.


The weather has been a bit pants, hasn’t it?

And for that reason none of the motorbikes have been out of the garage for months.

But, like all good people of a technical inclination, I have got a small geekage project running on the side.

I’ve been playing with the project of geek, but only now and then, and usually for just 15 minutes a session; it has a very steep learning curve and I’m on the edge of my technical comfort zone.

However, it’s safe to say that I’m attempting to get to grips with something that makes working with SharePoint and/or OneDrive look (and feel) like child’s play.


Backs are amazing when you think about them.

Firm and inflexible, yet pliable and bendy.

Strong and supportive, yet yielding.

And load-bearing.

Connected to almost every part of the body, and if you add in the spinal cord and central nervous system components, your back is the hub of everything that you do.

It’s 3am.

I’ve been awake for two hours.

Awake because of back pain.

I have done ‘something’ to my back. No idea what.

It just isn’t working like it should.

I’m not whingeing.

I have a golden opportunity to catch up with my latest rewatching of The West Wing.

And I can tuck in to some serious reading.

So what’s not to like?

Getting in to the bathroom, for a start.

It’ll pass soon. The back thing, not the wanting to go to the toilet thing.

And look at the exercise my bladder is getting.

That’s got to be positive too, yes?

Blogathon 04/17: Lazy

Man, it’s been a hectic week.

But it seems to have been a hectic week every week, for the last few months.

At work, we talk about how much we are doing, and tight timescales, and yet we talk about our appetite to do so much more.

If only we could expand time, space, and our capacity to enable us to deliver more in.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love that there is so much to do.

But today, in contrast with the pace of my professional life, I am doing pretty much of nothing.

Oh, I’ve been out, given Sam a lift in to West Bridgford.

Picked up a prescription from the chemist in the next village.

I even went back to West Bridgford to pick Sam up.

But that’s the most productive I’ve been all day.

And now it’s 18.45, and we’re in bed.

With tea.

About to watch a film.

And I feel not at all guilty about such a self indulgent day.

Flying solo

Big bed


Right now Sam is 37,000 feet over Iran.

And I’m in bed, half watching an episode of The Man In The High Castle.

There’s just me in the house.

Well, me and two cats and two cattens (as the two Tweeny felines have been categorised).

But not one of the felines has deigned to join me.

Oh sure, they were all over me a few hours ago when it was feeding time.

But since then?

They have been asleep in front of the log fire.

They have hooned about the house, acting out a series of Tom and Jerry cartoons.

They have bothered the heck out of me, and tried to steal my tea (yeah, as if, kitties, as if).

But have they come up to bed with me?

Have they allowed themselves to make the too big and too empty bed feel more comfortable?

Have they hell.

When I come back in my next life, I’m going to be a dog.

Storage space to rent: Nottingham

For rent: Storage space in NG5


Storage space to rent in Nottingham NG5

Storage space to rent in Nottingham NG5

I have a flexible, surplus amount of floorspace available to rent on a monthly basis, in NG5

The storage is dry, dust-free, very secure, and temperature controlled.

Access is available to the storage seven days a week, at times to suit the renter, by prior arrangement.

The floorspace available is up to 500 Sqm – I will let out smaller areas of space if required.

Entry is via easily-negotiated wide doorways; ramped access is available.

Payment terms are monthly, in advance.

Storage space to rent in Nottingham NG5

Storage space to rent in Nottingham NG5


It’s been a busy weekend.

There was the trip to B&Q to buy paint.

Then there was the painting.

There was the trip to the datacentre to pick up a few things that will enable the local Girl Guides to have a film show on Tuesday.

Then there was the Girl Guide Film Show dry run.


There has been something of a reorganisation in the garage.

There has been a huge amount of geekery on datacentre-related tasks.

Automation in the datacentre is now down to a fine art. And the sign-up email that new users get is personalised to their domain/account, and goes so far as to tell them how to access their webmail, and how to set up an email client on a computer, and how to set up an email client on their smartphones.

Big thanks to Manuel for helping set up a replication server which will failover to a secondary datacentre, in the event of something critical happening at the primary datacentre.

And there was the trip down to Northampton to buy a new bike.

The ZX9R has been my faithful commuter for the last 14 months.

In that time the clock has risen from 18,750 miles to just south of 50,000 miles.

In 14 months we’ve:

  • replaced her front indicators, ‘cos the LED ones developed a short
  • gone through two sets of tyres
  • and two clutch cables
  • given her three extensive services
  • had two new chain and sprocket sets
  • had a professional spend a good five hours on her, tracing, finding, and fixing a break in her wiring
  • and had various parts replaced, as they’ve been worn down.

In an average week, she does 600 commuting miles, plus whatever the weekend brings.

And while I admire the bike for its nimbleness (we filter like we were born to it, on the heaviest A-road and M1 logjams), its brilliant turn of speed, and its blunt, no nonsense attitude in all weathers…

I’ve never really liked the ZX9R.

The key words there are *really liked*.

I’ve enjoyed her.

I’ve liked her.

But I’ve never *really* liked her.

Not in the same way that I really liked my first car.

And not in the same way that I really liked my first big bike.

And definitely not in the same way that I really liked the Daytona.

But (apart from the two clutch cables snapping) she’s been a hardy, rough, tough, motorbike that has never left me feeling unsafe.

I’m amazed at how big she looks (or how small she makes me look), when I see photos of us in motion.

But we’re heading in to winter now.

And motorbike prices are easing down from their summer high.

For the last two weeks I’ve been trying to buy an Aprilia RSV4.

But the vendor twatted me around and messed me about until eventually I gave it up as a thing that just wasn’t meant to be.

So on Saturday I went down to Northampton and bought this:

New Daytona 955i

She’s not quite identical to my last Daytona 955i.

Being a year older, she’s got twin swing arms.

And that adds to her overall weight, which is disconcerting somewhat, as I have to work much harder against the increased centrifugal force, when I want to bank her over.

And she’s got an aftermarket gear display (which is quite odd!).

And a Triumph burglar alarm (which my more modern Daytona didn’t have).

But she’s passed an HPI check and, with just 22,000 miles on the clock, has loads of miles left in her.

Apart from the run back from Northampton, I haven’t taken her out yet.

But even that one trip left me smiling so much more than a trip from Northampton on the ZX9R ever would.

I really like her.