New hobby (obsession?)

I do appreciate Wikipedia.

I make a small annual contribution to the service, and I regularly use it as a source of information (let’s face it, any website that no longer accepts links/references to/from the Daily Mail because – and I quote – ‘the Daily Mail is not a trusted source’ can’t be all bad).

Largely run/populated by volunteers, Wikipedia is not without its flaws, but overall it’s a Very Good Thing.


I have discovered this page in Wikipedia.

Well, although it’s a page it is actually a dynamic list.

When I first stumbled on this dynamic list I realised that it had a very North American bias.

So now I’m chipping away at it, adding more global information to make this a less American list.

At the moment I’m focused on this sub-list.

Great fun!

What do you mean, get a life?

0202 ni tuoba gnikcuM

There’s something monumentally anticlimactic about flipping the calendar over on to a New Year.

I mean yes, it actually is a new year. But it’s also just a mere 24 hours since you last woke up.

So you haven’t really Rip van Winkled your way through twelve months. Just six hours (if you have dogs that’s about all the sleep they’re going to let you get).

And on that topic…

Today is 2nd January 2020 and it is Robyn’s birthday, One year old – which is very difficult to believe, because none of us (humans) can remember a time when Robyn hasn’t been with us.

28th February 2019 was the day she came to live here.

We love her to bits.

And she us.

Blogathon 16/19: Let There Be Light

And there actually was.

It’s been a busy day. Not mentile back-to-back stuff, but busy.

I cleared the back patio of brambles (which was a major undertaking).

Then I don’t know what I did.

Then we went in to Nottingham to see some things.

Then, back home, I reassembled the previously flooded light fitting, wired it up and got it back into the ceiling mount.

And it all worked, as prophesied by Young Masher.

Then I went down to the stables and rode my pony*.

And now this blogging malarky.

Mind you, before 9am Sam had run over six miles, so I don’t know why I’m so knackered.

*not an actual pony

A Very Big Day Out

Early Saturday we took a train down to that London.

We arrived in St Pancras International where a small selection of ordinary punters amazed and astounded us as they sat at the public pianos and showed what they could do.

My favourite was the young guy who played a variation of the first movement of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells.

Then we took a tube to Hyde Park Corner where we joined up with a big bunch of like-minded people on what was a lovely sunny afternoon.

We stood about for a bit. Then moved onto some parkland where we sat down and I most definitely did not fall asleep,

After a while that was an age and also not an age, we (eventually) walked from the foot of Park Lane to Whitehall.

When we’d finished with all that we walked to Covent Garden where, amongst the trendy eateries and hipster drinkeries we found a proper pub.

A pint of cider shandy, half a pint of cider, a small dry white wine, and a diet coke which cost the wallet-robbing amount of…


Have a word with yourself London. That’s bonkersly mad.


It was the most overtly political day of my life, and that day was all the better because there were four of us, marching as a family.

Here are just a few photos (but between us, we took dozens):









What kind of a weekend did you have?

Out of Office

Hi, thank you for dropping by.

We are currently away, enduring the hardship of 41c in the sub-Sahara.

We are putting on brave faces against the unrelenting bar service, awesome food, and top flight customer care.

Enduring this for a week is going to be tough, but we’re determined to give this our very best shot.

Back to the UK next weekend.

Meanwhile, we’ll do our best to cope with everything this place has to offer.

Some things never change

In a stunning return to the form of October last year, my back decided to mess me about.

The fact that this coincided with me going out and buying a soopah-doopah hybrid (road- and mountain-) bike is, I’m sure, entirely erm coincidental.

Especially as I haven’t even got the SDHB home yet; it’s still nestling at the store.

And on that basis I can’t even blame taking up cycling as the cause of the aforementioned back issue.


The weather has been a bit pants, hasn’t it?

And for that reason none of the motorbikes have been out of the garage for months.

But, like all good people of a technical inclination, I have got a small geekage project running on the side.

I’ve been playing with the project of geek, but only now and then, and usually for just 15 minutes a session; it has a very steep learning curve and I’m on the edge of my technical comfort zone.

However, it’s safe to say that I’m attempting to get to grips with something that makes working with SharePoint and/or OneDrive look (and feel) like child’s play.


Backs are amazing when you think about them.

Firm and inflexible, yet pliable and bendy.

Strong and supportive, yet yielding.

And load-bearing.

Connected to almost every part of the body, and if you add in the spinal cord and central nervous system components, your back is the hub of everything that you do.

It’s 3am.

I’ve been awake for two hours.

Awake because of back pain.

I have done ‘something’ to my back. No idea what.

It just isn’t working like it should.

I’m not whingeing.

I have a golden opportunity to catch up with my latest rewatching of The West Wing.

And I can tuck in to some serious reading.

So what’s not to like?

Getting in to the bathroom, for a start.

It’ll pass soon. The back thing, not the wanting to go to the toilet thing.

And look at the exercise my bladder is getting.

That’s got to be positive too, yes?

Blogathon 04/17: Lazy

Man, it’s been a hectic week.

But it seems to have been a hectic week every week, for the last few months.

At work, we talk about how much we are doing, and tight timescales, and yet we talk about our appetite to do so much more.

If only we could expand time, space, and our capacity to enable us to deliver more in.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love that there is so much to do.

But today, in contrast with the pace of my professional life, I am doing pretty much of nothing.

Oh, I’ve been out, given Sam a lift in to West Bridgford.

Picked up a prescription from the chemist in the next village.

I even went back to West Bridgford to pick Sam up.

But that’s the most productive I’ve been all day.

And now it’s 18.45, and we’re in bed.

With tea.

About to watch a film.

And I feel not at all guilty about such a self indulgent day.