Now that’s what you call a commute

In a fraction under two hours Sam will arrive in Dubai, at half-past midnight.

At 02.50am she will get on another airplane and at just after midday she will arrive in Bangkok.

At 4pm she will get on another flight and at 6pm she will arrive in Hanoi.

The car that will meet her at the airport will take her to the hotel.

At 7.30am another car will take her to the factory.

Now that’s what you call a long commute.

Family motoring (Hanoi style)

I went for an extended walk this morning.

About an hour into my attempt to find a local museum, I discovered that the map the hotel had given me actually bore little resemblance to the version of Hanoi I’m staying in.

That’s why my walk was so… extended.

By 11.30 my Fatbot had informed me I had racked up my daily 10,000 steps, so that’s OK then.

And I have travelled miles, whilst unintentionally seeing areas of the city that tourists probably don’t normally get to see.

But I took a few photos, on my Great Walk.

I didn’t photograph the young man in the uniform of The People’s Army of Vietnam, because the very official building he was guarding had ‘No Photograph’ signs around the perimeter.

And he was carrying, in a most professional manner, a very well maintained (and, judging by the wear on the butt, very well used) AK47.

I nodded at him and kept walking.

So, it being a Saturday, I thought I’d take a snap of some of the good folk of Hanoi as they travel around their city would be good.

Here’s four of them.

Four on a moped

Four on a moped