Tagged and bagged

I’ve been tagged by Welcome to the World of the Bionic Yoghurt, durn it. Didn’t she know I was about to go upstairs and have a poo?





Anyway, on with the show kiddies, before dire things start happening in these parts.

4 Things I did 10 years ago (1998):
Before I could answer this I had to get my CV out to remind me where I was working ten years ago! What a saddo.
1. Lived in the remote rural Mendip Hills in Somerset
2. Worked in the lovely (but horid to commute in to/out of) City of Bath
3. Owned and competed a horse called Ashboro
4. Hit rock bottom of a looooooooong depressive episode

4 Things I did 5 years ago (2003):
1. Lived on top of the second highest range of mountains in Europe (but less than 100 miles from the Sahara desert)
2. Sat underneath a lemon tree and wrote more prolifically than at any other time
3. Rode at 4.30am most days – before the temperature got stupidly hot
4. Loved not having a 9-5 job

4 Things I did yesterday:
1. Had a VC with people on three continents
2. Fed Vinnie carrots just for being a wonderful character
3. Finished setting up the Brand New Super-Dooper World’s Fastest laptop
4. Realised I have to do an Eventing competition entry today at the latest!

4 TV shows I love to watch:
I’m not much of a consumer of television so in four out of five of these you have to treat the word ‘love’ with a little scepticism…
1. The West Wing (the best screen writing ever)
2. Big Brother (so what?)
3. Blackadder
4. Chavs, Crooks and Car Thieves (also known as any British cops’n’video show)

4 Things I love to do:
1. Be with Soph
2. Ride/be with Vin (if not riding)
3. Read
4. Cuddle, make love or have sex (depending on how dirty I feel)

5 Things in my bag:
I don’t have a bag as such, so here’s five random things from my laptop bag
1. The Brand New Super-Dooper World’s Fastest laptop
2. Car/house/lorry keys
3. Wallet
4. e-Banking remote access sign-on device token thingy
5. T-Bar (turns my laptop in to a digital TV)

5 Fav things in my room:
1. My bed
2. My Soph
3. My bed
4. My Soph
5. Books

5 Things I’ve always wanted to do:
1. Compete at a world-class level (working on this)
2. Be recognised for my writing (ha!)
3. Play at the Albert Hall (done that)
4. Travel the world (done that)
5. Be blissfully, eternally happy (working on this too)

5 Things I am currently into:
1. Vinnie (and competing and all other horse-related aspects in my life)
2. My iPod (read: music of all sorts, audiobooks and podcasts)
3. Working my arse off
4. Planning my next book
5. People (fascinating things!)

So there you are.

I’m not going to tag folk, I’m feeling very laissez faire.

But if anyone looking in wants to pick up this meme and run with it, help yourselves.

Right, I’m off upstairs now.


Psssst, want a quick photo opp?

Here’s a cautionary tale.

Most of us take photographs.

Most of us have Flickr (or some other webservice) accounts where we stuff up the pics for a wider audience to see.

And generally speaking we don’t mind who sees them – else we’d password protect them.

But wouldn’t you find it galling to learn that if you’d done this, some third party came along and clipped the photos and then…

Proceeded to sell them on Ebay?

It happened here.

So I guess the message is – people are learning that someone else’s intellectual property has financial value and that we should all be careful.

But what kind of a complete tosser would rip off somebody’s photographs and sell them?

So sympathies to Yurt16 and bad karma to the thief.


Meanwhile in local news

1. The leading/bleeding edge of insomnia bites cuttingly deep once more

2. It’s Gumpher’s birthday (many happies Gumph)

3. Twhirl seems to be on the verge of becoming my Twitter weapon of choice. Twitterific sucks dick like a 20 Euro whore, and Twitterlicious – though functional and doesn’t repeatedly go down on you – well, it lacks something I can’t quite put my finger on

4. I have a (kinda) namesake in Austria

5. Podcast prep for No 9 continues slowly – stone me there’s some dire music out there!

6. Wondering why some people bother to post items on their blogs that they don’t want other people to read, thereby bizarrely skewing the meaning behind ‘Web2.0 functionality’. I am of course talking about passwording posts. What the fuck is that all about?

Meanwhile in our Crazy World of Writing feature…

7. Amazon won’t let a reviewer post book reviews prior to the book launch date (well der! Do the folks at Amazon not imagine that reviewers get their hands on pre-launch books? Treat that as rhetorical if you like)

And sports news…

8. I’m competing twice on Sunday and haven’t even looked at the tests yet, let alone learned the things

And in our little bit witty, little bit quirky closing feature…

9. Loving the way my former school-mate’s voice sounds; his and mine – it must be something in the water (even though I’m far better looking than he is… 🙂 ) though Adam might take issue with Paul’s use of the PodFather handle

And now for the weather wherever you are today, it’s over to Kirsty…


Yes I do!

(that’s in response to the Tiscali user from Stoke who used google.co.uk (at 23.24 and three seconds) to search for:

brennig jones likes to see what people are searching for on google

And now I’m going to blow your mind…

I hope you enjoy the rest of your course.



Izit a bird? Izit a plane?

No, it’s LiteraryMeme!

Gargoyle (crazy name, crazy guy*) has set me a meme and, just as I was starting to get a little, well, jaded about the whole thing, he’s come up with a refreshing angle.

Turn to page 123 of a book you are reading, skip five lines/sentences and produce reportage on the next three sentences.

Mmmmm… Books! (OMG, I’m turning in to Homer. Simpson! But in a booky way)

I’ve just finished the second Sam Manicom book and will shortly be reviewing both of them (once I’ve got my head around how to overlap yet keep distinctions!) and as I’ve just finished it, technically I can’t use it.


The choice is between The Finalists II (excerpts from the five 2007 Costa award-winning books) or…

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (John Perkins).

And solely because of the nature of the beast, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man wins out.

She went a step further, however, and built a small factory where her creations were transformed into clothes, which she then sold at upscale boutiques through the country, as well as in Panama and Venezuela.

This passage is part of a description of Paula, a Colombian woman whom the author met in Barranquilla in 1977.

Paula is described by the author as an agent of change and someone who taught me a great deal about the consequence of the actions I took in my job.

She becomes, for John Perkins, part of the dawning realisation that what he’s been doing is bankrupting countries, enslaving them through a kind of financial serfdom to the economic Will of the US economy.

Brilliant book and a true story.

I’m supposed to hand this meme off to others but I’ll be generous; those who want to tell us of their literary pursuits, help yourselves.

But if you don’t want to play I won’t shout at you.



* With apologies to Ian Hislop for stealing his wordage and the earnest hope that he will understand that plagiarism (in this case) is the sincerest form of flattery and please can I have a commission?


Driving to work this morning, listening to Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code (edition 715), I was pleasantly surprised to be name-checked by Adam – the guy who is credited with the invention of the PodCast.

I’ll try and record the snippet and put it here as an mp3, but it won’t be for a while because:
a) I’m busy
b) I’m busy
c) I’m busy
d) I’m busy, and
e) I’m busy.


p.s. Is this the time and place to mention that on my long trips I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to launching my own little PodCast?

Searching for the answer

Prompted by Ginny’s post on search terms, I thought I’d give you just a few phrases that people have used to find my blog since 18.00 today. I can’t go any further back because sitemeter only retains the 100 most recent visits.

how does rousseau argue that obedience to the genral will increase our moral liberty
Ah, an Open University question – the A103 course, TMA05. Is it just me or does anyone else find it peculiar that someone would google a precise assignment question? Except, of course, this student has mis-spelt the word ‘general’!

the lictors returning to brutus the bodies of his sons tma05
And another one!

txts funny
Hmmm… perhaps it’s time to do another one of those, my phone is getting full.

usb killed person
Fuck me, really?

Hey, that’s me! Hello there!

ant dec takeaway mud
I quite like Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeway. Not sure where the mud comes from though.

top of building

whats it like working for easy jet?
It’s really great! And you get to wear orange which is just the coolest colour ever!

the gherkin
Ah yes, the gherkin… (cackles, evil laughter).

1. how does rousseau argue that obedience to the general will increases our moral liberty?
Wow, straight out of the A103 book of questions – with the ‘1.’ to indicate the first of two parts. Are you looking for the answer or assistance (of the kind ‘I wish someone else would do this assignment for me’ variety)?

anal sex
Should I say something here?

dogging sites in worcestershire

he was fcuking my wife
He was? Fcuking her? With his ccok?

lyrics brand new cheesy song
Ummm… There’s about nine different sets of lyrics (I think). You could always try getting up at 06.30 and taping it?

how to design a showjumping course
Well, you get a load of poles and wings and things…

hairy minge
Not in this house there isn’t.

not waving drowning clifford t ward
A brilliant track from his groundbreaking Home Thoughts from Abroad album; Worcestershire’s finest – and one of England’s best – singer songwriters. Ever.

blog wank train daring


A lighter distraction

There’s a time and a place for playing tag – and this is it.

cue: Mission Impossible theme (the television show version)

Your mission Mr Phelps, is to share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog, tag seven five random people at the end of the post and include links to their blogs. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. This challenge has come from Froggywoogie.

Blimey. Seven random and/or weird facts about myself? Here they are – and arranged in chronological order too!

1. I built a programmable electronic synthesizer when I was ten

2. I broke my ankle without knowing

3. I was a military member of staff on The Royal Tournament at Earls Court

4. HMtQ taught me to ski. And sail

5. I inadvertently wiped out the German and Dutch CB Radio network for three hours

6. I picked up two German schoolgirl hitch-hikers who invited me to bed

7. I have never knowingly killed any person, but I have shot at several

Now then, as it seems I’m not required to explain the detail behind these seven snippets, I’ll go straight to my tagees…

Adam (Oh boy, do I want to know seven random things about him!)

Read ’em and weep folks, read ’em and weep – with laughter (probably).