I’m going to bed in a minute

Yes, I know it’s 04.00; I’ve been up for an hour, lurching around the internet in a zombie-like state.

I guess I’ve been sleeping awkwardly; my body seems to have woken me just so that I can unknot my back. When I tried to get out of bed the first time my lower lumber region felt painful and unyielding; I thought I’d slipped a disc. Not so, happily, just as stiff as a board – either due to tension or exposure to cold.

Having made the effort to walk about a bit to free things up I’ve tried to be productive while I’m awake; emails have been sent to a couple of people (Allan Guthrie – a member of our author’s mailing list – congratulating him on winning the Theakston’s prize; Ian – friend and former colleague – congratulating on him making a massively – good but disconserting – career move; Lesley – old time friend in Docklands – catching up).

A couple of other emails have been drafted (mostly to Ruth but one to Hellen) but I’m too tired to check them so they won’t go out until they can be reviewed.

I picked up ‘The Wide Sargasso Sea’ but realised my brain’s nowhere near awake enough to tackle that.

And then I did some suppling exercises to try and unknot my spine.

WTF was I up to in my sleep to acquire a spine-and-muscle- config that resembles a thing as flexible as an oak dining table?

I hope it was worth it.

It’s Friday tomorrow (today), and the start of a Bank Holiday weekend; I need to try and leave work as early as I can – Bank Holiday traffic avoidance!

Saturday needs to be a Vin-schooling, tack cleaning and Beech walking-out-in-hand day.

On Sunday Vin and I are doing two combined training classes at Allenshill.

And on Monday I might be taking The Lovely S down to the Cotswolds to go gliding.

We’ve also talked about getting film no. 2 of the Bourne series from Blockbuster.

On the strength of these plans the weekend promises to be a good one.

And so to bed.