Not drowning, waving

We continue to be without broadband, even though – technically – we have been switched over to PlusNet from BT.

But our continued lack of service, in the interests of being open, remain firmly with BT, who have yet to close off one oustanding piece of work at the local exchange.

So while the technical twats of BT prevaricate about the bush at our local exchange (01993, Witney), here at chez Jones, we continue to be firmly parked in the layby of the internet superhighway.

But the nice people at PlusNet have said they’ll continue to chase the twonks at BT.

Last night I considered burning the local exchange to the ground – because then the BT ‘engineers’ (and I use that word with some caution) would actually have to do something.

Anyway, we’ll be back in full flow as soon as things get ironed out.

Really snow joke

I am playing Scrabble on Facebook with random strangers. I have no life, shoot me now.

How did things come to this sorry state of affairs?

I blame Soph. Obv.

A couple of weeks ago Soph complained that she couldn’t get no any Scrabble action.

Yes she tried. And she tried. And she tried oh God she tried. But she couldn’t…

Sorry, I seem to have drifted off in to a world of my own for a moment.


So I said ‘That’s OK dear,’ (or something similar). ‘We can play each other.’


Never, ever offer to play your other half at Scrabble.

It’s like putting an axe in their hands, laying your head on the chopping block and saying, in a cheery voice, ‘You just feel free to lop it off, when you’re good and ready!’.

There will be a whoosh in the air, followed by a heavy thunk, and your head will briefly take on a life of its own.

Or in my case, she will win the first game by a small margin thrash the living daylights out of me.

Like a fool, you’ll toss your hat in to the ring a second time and this time she doesn’t win, as such.

She kicks your cute little arse all over the world of Scrabble.

Humiliated, you have at it again.

She wins.

You are hooked on a spiral of desperation. The more you play, the bigger your trail of losses.

An almost toxic level of desperation blends with a feeling of frustration that’s approaching escape velocity and, like a crack addict long overdue your fix, you sneak on to Facebook and you start…

Seeking out strangers for a game.

Gingerly, at first, but with increasing confidence, you sit in the Facebook Scrabble zone pouncing on the profile of people who look as though they might be easy prey.

From inside your head, your need for a fix – the driving desire for a kill win – begins to scream at you.

You hit on random strangers, adding them to your pile of potential victims, like notches on some kind of a virtual bedpost.

You juggle multiple games, trying to remember the potential moves from each game, as you switch from opponent to opponent.

And that’s how you end up like me.

Getting my arse whipped in so many games of Scrabble, it’s embarrassing.

Heed my warning.

Stay away.

Linked Out?

Is there anyone who *gets* Linked In?

OK,  it’s just another website with connections and, possibly, a privacy functionality far worse than Facebook could dream of, but really, what’s it for?

Where does it add value? Where does it do things that other websites don’t? What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Apart from the dodgy security model, obv.

Getting better!

Mr Shouting At Cows (who drowns kittens if you don’t read my distinctly average work on his website) showed me a thing to make this website more accessible to mobile devices.

So I got it, installed it and deployed it.

Thanks Mr Shouting At Cows!


I have spent the last 45 minutes trying to upload a simple photo, but WordPress is having none of it.

And now I’ve run out of time.

For the first time in many many many months I’m frustrated because WordPress isn’t doing something that it normally does effortlessly.

New design, new name, same content

Because of the redesign in my TLD at, I felt it was time to give this website a damn good kicking bit of a makeover.

I’ve changed the name of the blog simply for search-engine management reasons.

You’re still my friends and you’re still welcome.

Except if you’re Ash.

He’s not my friend.

I’m madly in love with him and I want to marry him.


I’ve changed the site design, but I’ve decided to keep the content management system as WordPress, even though I’ve been developing a Drupal website and heavily customising the .php.

I just don’t find Drupal good enough, it’s over-complex (where it doesn’t need to be), stupidly breakable (where it shouldn’t be) and not just a little development heavy.

WordPress – for the kind of content that this blog and the TLD will carry – is good enough and, frankly, as customisable in .php.

Yes, I’ve been on a .php course this week.

So anyway, here we are.

Until things change again, obv.

Don’t judge me

My tummy feels as though it’s approximately the size of a Spacehopper. That’s one of these:


Because the Lovely Soph has treated me to an Epic Tea, The Food Of Kings And Emperors.

Macaroni cheese, chips and baked beans. Followed by a mug of tea and lots of Cadbury’s Caramel.

I feel replete.

Good word, that. Replete.

Anyway, a bit of nerdy web-stuff because I am, occasionally, a teensy bit nerdy.

Web-developers have a constant battle making sure that their applications are rendered correctly by the many web-browsers – and the different versions of the many web-browsers that are out there.

Some web-developers use browser-emulators and I found a nifty little browser-emulator for the worst known web-browser in the history of worst web-browsers ever.

So if you’re in the business, here’s the ultimate IE6 emulator.


I have been watching Watchdog!, the BBC’s consumer television show. And as a result I am suffering from a severe case of motorbike envy.

The Kawasaki Ninja ZZR1400 they use is absolutely beautiful.

Isn’t it gorgeous?


In other news.

I need to do some urgent audio editing; the interviews from the Sam Manicom Tortillas to Totems book-launch need to be segmented, backed and scheduled for inclusion in to the show, the audio is overdue.

And tomorrow is podcast night.

And I need to get a show for UKHDRadio recorded and over to the studio.

So that’s top food and motorbike envy done, audio editing and three hours of music to be done.

Sometimes my life is so good!