All-Time Top 25 Tunes (post 5)

The fifth track in my All-Time Top 25 Tunes is number five, ‘Home Thoughts From Abroad’ by the late Clifford T Ward.

This track is part of my life.

Imagine me as a 17 year-old, stationed in west Germany, on heavily-armed, operational duties with a squadron of nuclear strike aircraft, based on the front line that separated the cold war from a very hot one.

I was in love.

She lived a thousand miles away, back in the UK, and we kept in touch through frequent letters and occasional phone calls.

Clifford T Ward’s eloquent, intelligent lyrics seemed to capture my feelings; they somehow brought us closer together.

The song has endured longer than that relationship, but I am still inordinately fond of both.

All-Time Top 25 Tunes (post 4)

The fourth track in my All-Time Top 25 Tunes (I’ve decided it’s Tunes, not tunes) is number 23, ‘Glory Box’ by Portishead.

The scatchy-vinyl-over-faded-in-bass-guitar-and-strings introductory refrain is a massive musical exclamation mark in my life.

There are so many gem-like qualities tucked away in this track, that to list them all would be crass.

Just sit back and enjoy it.

All-Time Top 25 Tunes (post 3)

The third track in my All-Time Top 25 Tunes (is it Tunes? Or should it be tunes? Anyway) is number 14, ‘Contratempo’ by Lali Puna.

I love this piece because it’s an interesting – yet not challenging – blend of musical unexpectedness.

The Bavarian electro-experimentalists throw the listener a curve ball with the opening staccato pulse.

This is swiftly followed by the Portuguese voice-over. And that voice-over is the only human voice you’ll hear in the piece, while the deliciously melodic instrumentals carry the listener along on a sea of calm.

This track means so much to me, not because I’m an arty-farty fan of what we have learnt to call ‘world music’.

No, this track means so much to me because of the the elegant simplicity with which it is constructed.

All-Time Top 25 Tunes (post 2)

The second track in my All-Time Top 25 Tunes is number 2, the brilliant ‘Say A Little Prayer’ by Aretha Franklin.

This is a sing-along, dance-a-thon bundle of musical goodness that seldom fails to lift my spirits.

I’m equally adept at singing either the backing or the lead vocal parts.


ps. It was just coincidence that brought the number 2 tune out in the second post.

All-Time Top 25 Tunes (intro)

I recently posted the 25 most-played tunes on my iPod.

That playlist is, obviously, a rotating ‘most-frequently-played’. The contents of the list are governed by various factors, a significant influence being the amount of time I spend at the wheel of the car. I like a good sing-along when I’m alone in the car. And I have my favourite ‘driving songs’, obv.

I decided to post that list after a conversation I had, with a couple of Twitter-buddies, about our *most favourite* songs. This is a very different category of music!

Since then, we – these two Twitter-buddies and I – have moved things on.

We have compiled our individual All-Time Top 25 songs and we’re tweeting YouTube links to them, via Twitter, every day.

I’m going to post those links here, too. I’m going to do this because the 140-character limitation of Twitter doesn’t let me explain *why* these awesome tunes are so special.

I’m also going to post them here in the random order that I’m Tweeting them.

Yep, that’s right, I’m putting them out in a random order.

I’m so anarchic.