Olympic-sized fuck-ups?

I’m not, by nature, a naysayer, or a negative person.

But I’ve been enormously sceptical of the London Olympic 2012 concept, right from the time the Government told us that the budget, to host the Games, would be £2.9bn.

A few years down the line and the budget of £2.9bn has risen to a staggeringly awful projected cost of £9.3bn.

And still counting.

But it’s not the financial fuck-up alone that’s uppermost in my cynicism.

We have a propensity for making major fuck-ups.

A talent for fucking-up.

There have been – in addition to the budget fuck-up – quite a few already.

  • The Olympic Clock (that broke down three times within two weeks of being started)
  • Ticket system melt-down when punters tried to, erm, buy tickets
  • Corporate allocation of tickets over members of the public which will, I predict, lead to many empty seats at many venues
  • Transport fuck-ups in general and Zil lanes in particular
  • Security (or lack of, thanks to G4s – where thousands of servicemen/women had to be shipped back to the UK from operational units in Germany – many having annual leave cancelled – to plug the gap
  • Ridiculously over-zealous branding rules

So far it’s a short list, but it *will* get longer.

One doesn’t have to be clairvoyant to know that by the end of the closing ceremony, the litany of fuck-ups will be almost as long as the list of Gold Medals that China will be taking home.

In fact, the fuck-ups are continuing, even now, with the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics a mere 48 hours away.

This evening, at the football up at Hampden, the country of North Korea were expected to take the pitch under the flag of…

Wait for it…





South Korea.



Yep, you couldn’t make this up.

Well, you could, obv.

But no-one would believe it.

Would they?