Days like these

My weekend hasn’t really happened; there has been much work-related stuff but, as ever, I’ll not go in to detail about that here

I did snatch a few hours off, today, and managed to put that time to Great Use!

I washed a Barbour and a Drizabone riding coat.

And also washed last week’s work-shirts and various socks and underwear.

Soz, bordering on the TMI there.

And rode the Bandit in to Norf Landahn’s Ace Cafe where I met the redoubtable Mr Masher and his brother-in-law (Graham).

And we did partake of the All Day Breakfasts and Lo, we did Eat Heartily.

At Ace today was a meeting of the BSA Bantam Society (or similar).

The first motorbike I ever (knowingly) touched was a BSA Bantam.

It belonged to Forgotten Firstname Griffiths who lived a couple of miles down the lane at Llansabadd Farm.

We mucked about with that Bantam; it was the first time I learned to take things apart and put them back together again. Successfully.

We rode it around the fields, crashed it in to trees and ditches and – when that happened – we learned to rebuild it.

It was weird looking at the familiar-yet-alien-by-today’s-design-standards Bantams. They seemed very ‘other worldly’.

I also saw a Laverda Jota, the 1,000cc little brother to the 1,200cc Laverda Mirage I owned when I lived in Germany.

What a stunning bike that was.

It had superbike acceleration. And the brakes of a supertanker.

Ah, the many many scares I gave myself on that monster.

I changed my route home from Ace Cafe; instead of hoofing it up the A40/M40/A40, I went cross-country.

The cross-country route was much more fun than travelling at *cough* 70mph with all the nutters on the motorway. And much prettier too.

The ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads were such fun; I do love the way the Bandit throws itself around twisty-turny lanes.

I got back home about 2.15pm and tucked straight in to work stuff.

Between 5pm – 7pm I took a break, tidied, put a load of washing in, put the rubbish out, drank tea, had a brief visit from a friend.

The usual.

And now, at rapidly approaching 9pm I’ve just sent my last work email of the day, and I’m winding up on my last work phone call of the day.

So all things considered, even with the work distractions, it has been a pretty good day really.

Sorry luv, Granada’s off

Because of tremendous pressures at work, nipping over to Spain this weekend isn’t going to happen. Work-based things need my attention over the weekend. That’s all I can say.


The forecast for Sunday, as pointed out by the redoubtable Sir Masher of Englandshire, is reasonable.

So I’m going to trip in to that London on Sunday morning, on the Bandit.

And in that London, on that Sunday morning, I shall be hitting that Ace Cafe for one of their gargantuan All Day Breakfasts, which shall be washed down by several gallons of Best Quality Builders Tea.

Sir Masher of Englandshire has strongly hinted that he will consider sitting astride his Mighty Triumph, and will point it at another gargantuan All Day Breakfast of the Ace Cafe.


Do you fancy joining us?

Motorbikes optional, obv.

In other news…

I did ride the Bandit to work today, so in your face doubting Thomas and doubting Thomasina.

In. Your. Face!

I had a bucket of fun.

I wouldn’t like to ride the Bandit that distance – esp that route – every day.

Not every week.

Maybe once a month, and just for fun.

I am in bed.

It is 9.45pm.

I really need to switch my brain off, stop fretting about work-related things, and get a solid night’s sleep.

That’ll be tonight.


So, what’s new with you?

Having a big dump

another braindump…

My weekend trip to Granada is *still* not finalised; I won’t go in to the reason, but the source of the problem isn’t me.

If I don’t make it to Spain this weekend, maybe a trip to Ace Cafe on Sunday morning, on the Bandit, for one of their world-famous All Day Breakfasts?

Who knows.

Also, I still haven’t decided which gig I’m going to see tomorrow evening.

Besides, if I have a tough day at work, all bets for hitting an evening gig on a schoolnight could be off anyway.

I had a very late night last night; as well as being a late night, there wasn’t too much by way of restful sleepage going on when I did get to bed.

It was, unsurprisingly, very difficult to get out of bed this morning.

The 4.45am alarm played pleasant music and, you know, it was just great to lie there and gradually wake up, listening to excellent sounds.

The 5.10am alarm got switched off and…

My mattress continued to get some pressing exercise.

At 5.40 my conscience got the better of me; I was in the shower and, having shaved and dressed, on my way to work.

Bugger breakfast, I ate at the office.

Like yesterday, today was another massive day at work.

Like yesterday, by the time I switch out the light this evening, today will have been another 20-hour day.

There is so much work-stuff going on but I can’t talk about it, obv.

But I can say that this weekend is phase one of a big thing, and members of my team will be working all weekend.

And next weekend is phase two of  a big thing, and again, members of my team will be working all weekend.

So things are busy.

I’m still considering riding the Bandit to work tomorrow.

We’ll see how that thinking looks in the cold dark of a new morning.

Groundhog Day! (sortov)

this is just one big brain dump to hopefully help me sleep, even though there are a lot of things on my mind right now…

I’m not altogether too sure why, at 11.45pm on a Tuesday night, I’m sitting here watching the closing credits of Love, Actually.

But I am.

And what closing credits!

The Beach Boys ‘God Only Knows (What I’d Be Without You)’ is such a deliciously awesome piece of harmonised vocal.

And it is used to full effect, over the closing credits of Love, Actually.


Once again I find myself double-booked on the gig front.

This Thursday evening there’s a gig in Witney, and another gig in Bicester, and yes, of course, I would like to go to both.

I’m toying with riding the Bandit to work on Thursday.

The reason for this toying?

Because the weather forecast for Thursday looks reasonable; no other reason.

I went to my weekly guitar lesson this evening but, because my head was all over the place, and also, because I am shattered, it wasn’t exactly brilliant.

Pentatonic scales, chord/melody combination exercises and a big-up finish on Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’.

But although my heart was in it, my head wasn’t in the right place.

I wrote an email this evening.

Open, honest and straight from the heart.

If I could, I would recall it.

Despite the naked honesty the message is wrapped in, I’m a little apprehensive that it might go too far.

My fingers hurt.

From guitar lesson.

There’s probably going to be an Oxford Band Practice next month.

I can’t find my electronic guitar tuner.

Have you got it?

Oh yeah, and the decaf tea thing isn’t working (yet).

What’s in a name?

I’ve never been a big ‘give things a name’ person.

But somehow – please don’t ask how, I can’t answer it! – my motorbike deserves a name.

I want to call it ‘Bandit’.

Because, you know, it is a Suzuki 650cc Bandit.

A friend says I should call it ‘Weasel’.

I have no idea why.

So three questions really.

  1. Do you name things (cars, boats, planes, bodyparts, bicycles etc)
  2. If so, what things do you name and what do you name them? And
  3. What name do you prefer for my motorbike?