The Day of Thor (23/29)

I am in bed.

It is midday.

And I am in bed.


You’re so jealous, arencha?

I can tell.

When I went to bed last night I switched off my alarm, then watched an episode of UFO:

(sorry about the commercial on the front. And sorry about the watery sound quality)

After that I switched off and was promptly woken up at 10.30am by the window cleaner.

He was cleaning my windows. Not bringing me a cup of tea in bed. Obv.

And no, ‘cleaning my windows’ is not a euphemism.

[time passes whilst another mug of tea is made and fetched from the kitchen]

As I said to Dolores, my ever-scantily clad Colombian housekeeper, sometimes we all need to have a day off.

And today is my day off.

This is my ‘me day’.

I spent the morning sleeping.

I’m spending the middle bit of the day in bed, drinking tea, writing stuff and listening to iTunes on random play.

I might go to Sainsbury this afternoon.

And flick Henry II around a bit.

I have a guest this evening; we’re having a pizza and film evening.

I was going to film a few sequences for a video I’ve written (Scene 1, shot a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h. Scene 2 shot a. Scene 3, shot a, b, c – to be precise).

And then I thought better of the whole ‘getting up’ thing.

So instead you find me propped up in bed, sipping tea, listening to music, and writing.

And contemplating another episode of UFO.

Yes, this is my day off.

And I’m having it my way.