Blogathon 28/14 – end of an error

Thirty days hath September,
April, June, and November
All the rest have 31,
Except for February because it’s an awkward bastard

Tomorrow is 1st March which, in the country of my birth, we call Dewi Sant (or Saint David’s Day, to you English-speaking muggles).

I shall be celebrating the patron saint of my country by worrying sheep, eating daffodils and praying to every deity known to mankind that the bloody Welsh First XV turn out this weekend, not the Fourth XV that turned out in the last game.

Here’s an interesting fact.

How many patron saints (of the home countries) are the same nationality as the countries they represent?

One. Dewi Sant.

St George (England) was either Greek or Armenian (depends on which historical trail one follows back), and was probably born in either Palestine or Syria.

I can’t help wondering how the BNP and UKIP feel about these things.

Anyway, there is less than an hour left to February 2014 and it’s time for me to offer a congratulationary ‘well done!’ to Young Mister Masher, for tiptoeing with such ease through his February blogathon.

Never once did he look as if he might stumble, whereas I nearly came a cropper several times.

As with previous Masher’s Blogathons, I’ve learned a few things, I’ve chuckled, I’ve cried and alright I haven’t actually cried. But the other bits are true.

He’s a Good Egg, is Young Masher. If you don’t normally pop by his place regularly, I suggest you do.

And if you’re interested in Amateur Radio, look at the links at the top of his blog, and follow the trail of breadcrumbs to his Amazing Den Of Geekery.

And that’s me done. It’s almost 11.20pm. It has been a very long day at work.

And I’ve spent the last four hours fixing a technical problem for someone and now I’m going to make one last mug of hot chocolate and go up to my lovely, warming bed.

Have a nice weekend.

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2 Responses to Blogathon 28/14 – end of an error

  1. Masher says:

    First of March already.
    Soon be Christmas.

    Thanks for accompanying me this year. It’s been fun… in a wordy masochistic kind of way.

    And I forgot it was St David’s day. Sorry.
    If I’d remembered, I’d have baked you a leek. Or something.

  2. redbookish says:

    I’m a quarter Welsh (via both parents), and one of my great-great-uncles was the seventh son of a seventh son. So I hope I’m allowed to comment today, to say congratulations on completing the February blogathon.