Sometimes I don’t get the insurance industry

This started a few weeks ago when I was looking to insure the Daytona

The facts:

  • I’ve owned/ridden bikes for more than 20 years
  • I’ve never made a bike claim or been the subject of a bike claim
  • My last bike (Bandit) and the VFR have both been insured through Bennetts without a break in cover
  • I always insure all of my vehicles Fully Comprehensive
  • I always pay for my insurance in an annual lump sum
  • None of my vehicles are ever on HP or leased

When it became time to insure the Daytona I rang Bennetts, obviously, to see what they could do for me.

Not a lot (to quote Paul Daniels).

The insurer who is covering the VFR will only accept one bike per household.

Can I get me a quote from someone else, I asked?

They took the usual details and came back with a quote of £515.


I know the Daytona is a sports/superbike, but £515 for a year’s fully comp? For me?

I flipped over to price comparison website Go Compare, and answered pretty much the same questions.

The second-lowest price Go Compare came back with was £138. I chose that one because it included European cover, the lowest price of £129 was a UK-only rate.

That is a stunning difference over £515.

And here’s another stunning thing.

Even though I have years of no-claims, I can not use any of my no-claims for the Daytona. All of my no-claims is non-transferable, and is allocated to my first-insured bike – the VFR.

That’s just…


I have no words to accurate describe how stunningly crap that is.

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One Response to Sometimes I don’t get the insurance industry

  1. Masher says:

    All insurances are a rip off, but there’s bugger all we can do about it.

    I’m surprised at Bennetts (I’m insured through them too) as I would have thought they could provide you with a multi-bike policy.