Rugby to Evesham (where I bought a motorbike trailer)

Evesham to Stratford (the real one, not the pretender in London’s East End)

Stratford (via a massive trip around the countryside) to Rugby

All on this:


That was my Saturday.


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2 Responses to Tripping

  1. Masher says:

    You don’t see many bikes on trailers being towed by a Jag, so that’s an interesting combo.

    Me? A combination of catching up with some paperwork for work; playing with radios and doing a little bit of the dreaded gardening.

    Oh, and then the sun came out, so the bike was wheeled out and whilst the battery was given a quick charge – not enough juice in it to start her up – a bucket of soapy water and some chrome polish were put to good use.
    Fitted the battery and took her out for a spin for half an hour before the sun went down.
    Felt great to be back in the saddle.
    More two-wheel action is on the menu for today.

    • Brennig says:

      Ugh to the gardening (you saw my previous ‘light maintenance’ garden, so you’ll know how attractive I find the whole idea of horticultural pottering.

      Yay to the battery chargedness, the soapy water and chrome polish (you do have a lot of chrome to polish!).

      I’m going to do a little more two-wheeled action today too. I need to give the VFR a good sprucing up and then, as the forecast for the week looks like I’m in for a whole five days of VFR-commutage, I might just take the bionic budgerigar out for a little trip about the countryside.