A very long way down

Yesterday I did a 220-mile round-trip on the Daytona.

In a nutshell, I went to Wales to stand on top of a very drafty mountain, to film two scenes that totalled four minutes.

But I had the helmetcam running all the time I was on the bike.

And I filmed the scariest drop off a mountain I know.

Most mountain roads snake left and right and wind the traveller up (or down) the mountain by a slightly indirect route.

This road (Blaenavon to Llanover via Capel Newydd) drops straight down off the top of the mountain.

And the road surface is pitted, broken and has a smattering of loose gravel all over it.

It’s not a sensible road to ride a motorbike down.


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2 Responses to A very long way down

  1. Masher says:

    Rather you than me: that really isn’t a good biking road!

    Unlike the lovely sweeping bends I encountered around Eaton Bray on Sunday.

    • Brennig says:


      Oh, straight down the A5 for me then. Which is ironic because on Sunday I was down the A5, sitting outside the Super Sausage having, erm, a super sausage.

      But you should have a look at the way up video I’ve just published