Just stuff…

Very interesting day today in Westminster, with the London office of the people I’m currently working for.

Learned loads, and made progress on a big technical project.

Looks like I have to go down to the Cheltenham HQ for a few days, which would be a pain in the backside, and would mean having to stay down there, because commuting isn’t going to happen.

The trouble is, when one is dealing with complex information systems, there are a lot of pre-requisites that need to get lined up before the actual project delivery can commence.

And oh boy, am I dealing with a lot of pre-requisites.

On a broadly similar topic, I’ve been continuing to look at IP-related¬†activity. I’ve switched from port-monitoring to IP-monitoring.

Speaking of travel, I have a potential short, sharp visit to make down south, which, despite the distance and the dodgy weather, I’m actually looking forward to.¬†Maybe this weekend, if things pan out.


I got outbid on a bike on eBay last night. I am more disappointed than I thought.

But there’s another one…

And I’m viewing two houses tomorrow evening.

It’s all go, eh?

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2 Responses to Just stuff…

  1. Masher says:

    Another bike? As a replacement or to add to the collection?

    House viewing? As a replacement or to add to the collection?