Passive smoking can kill you

the words Hell and Handbasket figure largely in my head today…

In west London a 47-year-old former British Heavyweight Champion is in hospital fighting for his life.

Not because of any boxing-related issue.

But just because he asked a couple of guys in a club not to smoke.

Well, it’s illegal to smoke indoors in a public place, right?


So these guys, the smokers, put out their cigarettes.

And left the club.

But on the way out.

One of the smokers drew a gun and shot the guy.

Bang bang you’re dead.

Except that James – the ex-boxing champion – is still hanging in there.

What kind of a country do we have here now?

I’m so sad and ashamed.



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2 Responses to Passive smoking can kill you

  1. Moobs says:

    No doubt they felt he had “disrespected” them. Though why people who are so precious about receiving respect appear to feel no need to offer it to anyone else is beyond me.

  2. Brennig says:

    You see?

    Just as long as there are people around who have views like Moobs has, I feel that there’s hope for the rest of us.