Spanish Tour, part 3

This was actually half a leg of the journey.

The pre-breakfast run out of the centre of the city of Granada, down to the rural town of Órgiva, passes through some of the most stunning countryside that Spain has to offer.

The combination of the high-ground, and low-ground scenery as you pass off the motorway and pick up the Alpujarra mountain road in to Órgiva, are breathtaking.

The snow-capped mountains (remember this was mid-April) in the distance, the lakes in the foreground, and the parched, arid farmland all throw up an eye-catching set of inconsistencies.

It’s easy to see why so many people have, over the years, chosen to live in the Alpujarra.

Although it is just 41 miles from Granada to breakfast, the journey takes an hour because of those lovely mountain roads.

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One Response to Spanish Tour, part 3

  1. Masher says:

    Those roads look wonderful to drive on – even if the surface is a bit dodgy in some places, the view makes up for it.

    It’s interesting how the Go-Pro (I think) gives such excellent pictures and yet when you are moving at speed, the road surface in front of the bike pixelates quite badly.

    I like how people just stand and stare at you at the end, like you’re some sort of alien… with a camera on his helmet.

    “Coming up next: part 4” You mean, we miss breakfast?

    Talking of which, it must be nearly Sausage time.