For the busy motorist

Afraid of getting caught out?

Need to ‘go’ but you’re already going somewhere?

Caught in a nose-to-tail jam with the tortoise poking its nose out?

About to lose that bloated feeling in an unwelcome way?

Getting desperate for relief and looking for a relief road?

Need to go on the go?

You need…


Designed by NASA scientists working with Jacques Cousteau, we can finally unveil the 21st Century invention that you’ve been so desperate for.


A toilet built in to your car seat.

Now you no longer need to be touching cloth.

Just unzip and let rip with Carmode!

Puts you back in the driving seat once more.

£2,011.99p excluding VAT and P&P*

*P&P in this instance means ‘Post and Packaging’

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2 Responses to For the busy motorist

  1. cha0tic says:

    lol. My lil’ sis’ could have used one of these last week when she was stuck on the M5.

  2. Brennig says:

    Hi chaOtic, thanks for stopping by.

    Just had a look at yours.

    That track: Dance MoFu Dance.

    How excellent is that?