Not getting the whole picture

I have bought a new TV.

For someone who watches as little television as I do, this new acquisition is a really big deal.

It’s one of these:


An LG 42LB580V 42-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Smart TV with Freeview HD (as the blurb has it).

I think this is good (but I’m still learning to use it).

I have tuned it, have connected it to my WiFi. I have set up my Netflix account. I’ll do my YouTube account tomorrow. But I have noticed an interesting thing.

Although I can get BBC1 HD  (101), BBC2 HD (102), etc, I can not receive any HD channel above 105.

Yes, I have retuned the set.

That clever young Daniel said, over on FB, that COM7 is an HD only mux and might just not be available on whatever mast my aerial is pointed at (Sutton Coldfield as far as I know).

Incidentally, I Daytona’d past the mast at Waltham today and that’s a pretty impressive-looking structure from Melton Mowbray.


So that’s where I am, as far as TV reception goes.

Which is actually a big step further forward than I was before the new TV arrived.

Because the previous set would only receive unwatchable, broken-imaged, pixellated rubbish.

But now I have an almost full set of digital channels.

And various internet and app-based goodies too.

Not too shabby, eh?

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5 Responses to Not getting the whole picture

  1. Redbookish says:

    Like like like. Have fun!

  2. Masher says:

    Nice piece of kit. Funnily enough, I think that’s the set I was actually looking at to replace my aging Sony… when I finally stop shelling out for this blasted kitchen!

    COM 7 is certainly broadcast from SC, though it is on much lower power. Also, it needs a wideband aerial, as opposed to the standard Group B normally used in that area – if you have a group B aerial on your roof, it will happily pick up PSBs 1&2, which you seem to be receiving OK, but not COMs 7&8. So, maybe take a look at your aerial.

    I was working at Waltham mast just a few weeks ago. It’s even more impressive when you stand underneath it! It’s one of only 5 tubular construction masts in the UK and the first one fell down back in the sixties!

    • Brennig says:

      What a clever chap you are, young Masher. This house doesn’t have a wideband aerial. In fact, I’m not even sure it’s a digital aerial. The previous occupier used a satellite dish (still here) and he was here for some time.

      I don’t know what it is about the Waltham mast; it looks very impressive as one leaves Melton.

      The TV is very good. The Netflix integration is above average, but the YouTube app is awful. There might be a knack to the YouTube thing, I’ll spend time on it in the next week.

      • Masher says:

        No such thing as a “digital aerial” mate. That is a term that was banded about to scare people into buying a new aerial for Digital Switch Over. In many cases, a new wideband aerial was needed as the frequencies were changing, but in just as many cases, the existing aerial was fine. By calling a wideband aerial a digital aerial, people were scared into buying a new one thinking that theirs wouldn’t work when DSO came along. Half the time, that wasn’t the case.

        I wrote about it here:
        Don’t you remember? 🙂