Flux (no capacitor)

It is a time of significant change.

I have moved from Rugby. It wasn’t that much of a wrench to leave. Although that little house was perfect for me (and perfect for the bikes), the fact that I haven’t lived there for the last six months made the parting easier – and very logical.

Unfortunately I have had to shut down the podcast for a while, though I do I hope to bring it back when the world changes once again.

I do miss the stream of gigs that out-of-reach Oxfordshire offered. But I think I miss seeing my favourite bands live more than I miss the regular gigs themselves. Besides, I’m getting home too knackered to consider going out on the weekday evenings, and my weekends don’t have too much down time!

I’m mostly commuting to work (Northampton) on the ZX9R. Except when the weather is awful, obv. I need to check the mileage on the ZX9R, but I keep forgetting. I’ve had it just under a year and I reckon I’ve put about 20,000 miles on her clock in the last 12 months. I haven’t heard from the insurance company about the future of the Daytona.

In the tech world I’m having an interesting problem with directory-based permissions on a server, where the FTP user can upload files, but the WordPress user can’t (error message: the uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content).

And I discovered a very interesting domestic technical problem yesterday, where the Smart TV lost a bunch of stations. Eventually I switched the TV off at the mains, unplugged the aerial, switched on, rescanned and found them again. An hour later they were gone again. As the problem was obviously ours, not the transmitter, I played around with some of the other devices nearby. I soon discovered that if I switched the Playstation off, the missing channels came straight back. Bizarre.

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2 Responses to Flux (no capacitor)

  1. Allister says:

    Massive RF interference from the PlayStation? I’ve suspected my PS4 of ruining my wifi before, when left in standby mode.

  2. Masher says:

    If you make a note of which channels are missing, you’ll probably find that they are all off the same one or two muxes (usually about 8 channels to a mux). Probably something within the PS that is generating RF at the same frequency as that mux.
    You could try moving the PS further away from the telly or use ferrites on your leads. That usually does the trick.