Droning on and on and on…

It is as if we are on the tipping point of a Really Big Thing.

They’re all droning on about it.

The media.

Especially the tabloids.


Drones. Are. Everywhere.


A simple quadcopter is now a drone.

A model aircraft is – depending on which publication or website you choose to read – a drone.

Strapping a GoPro* to my motorbike would make it a drone too.



Back to the drones.

Apparently, if I strap a GoPro** to myself and jump – with a parachute, obv – out of an aeroplane I would be, according to the Daily Mail, a drone.

Which is rich, because all the Daily Mail does is drone on about things.

The government has drones.

Thousands of them.

But if we call a model aircraft with the smallest camera attached to its fuselage a drone, then we dilute the whole government/drones thing.

So let’s do it, yeah?

It’s a drone.

Even if it’s a balsa wood model aircraft with a cheap and cheerful camera parcel-taped to the side.

It’s a drone.

The things that the Government is using to kill civilians in the middle east?

Those are drones too.

Let’s just forget that the Reaper UAVs are weapons of death and destruction,

Because they’re not.

They’re drones.

And every town has people who own drones.

And they’re OK, right?


So that makes the Government’s drones OK too, right?

Erm… Right?

I said right?



*Why would you buy a GoPro, when there are much better, cheaper cameras out there?
**No really, why would you?

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One Response to Droning on and on and on…

  1. Masher says:

    Funnily enough, I was going to write a similar post, having pondered very similar points myself.

    As ever though, you have put it far more eloquently than I could have.