Interesting firewall rules

From here, in downtown Shanghai, Google does not exist.

Not in any of its various guises or products.


So too is Facebook.

And Twitter.

Also all of the WordPress-hosted websites ( and now I have to check that subdomain doesn’t exist and if it does that it doesn’t contain offensive material).

Also missing from the face of the planet, for that matter, is your website, young Masher.

This one does exist, obv.

But I can’t upload images or media to this, or any other website I control.

I can FTP to them.

I can ssh to the backends.

But all ‘put’ and upload commands/functions are blocked.

On the other hand, Yahoo works.

So does this mean that Yahoo and I are harmless?

But young Masher* and Google are evil?

Interesting firewall rules are in place.

Non-standard ports work via https.

And configuring port 100001 on a spare domain, opening port 100001 on my firewall and hosting server worked.

I was then able to ssh to the server.

But ‘put’ still failed.

No matter what I ran grep with, everything looked and felt normal.

Just no upload functionality.

Interesting firewall rules, for sure.

*I have met the former on a number of occasions, and have to say I believe he lacks evil.

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One Response to Interesting firewall rules

  1. Masher says:

    I’m not available in China? They don’t know what they’re missing!

    On the other hand, maybe they do.