Flights and Films

It is about 18 hours of flight-time to get to Shanghai.

That’s a round-trip of 36 hours.

Sitting in an aluminium tube.

With all of the excitement that one would expect from such amazeballs activity.

Once one has finished criticising the civilian pilot for the sloppy take-off and the unnecessarily heavy bang-in on landing.


Civvy pilots.


Anyway, how does one pass these swathes of time?

I know!

Let’s watch some films!

The Wittertainment podcast (Hello to Jason Isaacs) criticises unsubtle product placement in feature films.

I don’t know what they’re on about.

I watched a long BMW advert.

It featured BMW cars.

BMW motorbikes.

And Dell hardware.

And an A400 airplane.

The commercial must have cost a lot of money because Tom Cruise was in it.

After the BMW commercial, I watched a lengthy Mercedes advert.

It featured Mercedes cars.

Mercedes trucks.

Mercedes 4x4s.

And, because Mercedes don’t make anything special in the two-wheeled world, a Triumph motorbike.

This commercial also seemed to feature a lot of dinosaurs, for some reason.

No idea why.

Maybe it’s a social comment on the people who don’t drive Mercedes trucks?

Time passed.

Another commercial I watched seemed to be about Disney products but I fell asleep.

I also tried to watch an advert about some kind of robot that looked a little like the former Governor of California, but it was beyond dull so I fell asleep through that too.

Amongst the other commercials I watched, was one that featured Simon Pegg, in an advert called Man Up.

I’m not too sure what the product was – other than having a strong anti-dating-website message.

However, I would rate the BMW commercial and the anti-dating-website commercial as joint winners in the Best Advert In The Sky category, at next year’s BAFTAs.

The other commercials were just rubbish.

Maybe that’s what their message was?


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One Response to Flights and Films

  1. Masher says:

    I saw an advert recently, featuring a brace of Aston Martins, an Omega watch and a Walther PPK handgun.
    Best advert I’ve seen in bloody ages.