Blogathon 24/16: Lifestyle glimpse

I live with three females and a 6′ inflatable dinosaur.

There are three (two working) motorbikes in the garage.

I’ve got a lovely set of racing motorbike leathers.

And a brand new motorbike jacket (more on this shortly).

And a full set of winter textiles for inclement weather.

And two black helmets, one with a clear visor, the other with a solid black visor.

And over there (points over there) is one of my guitars, my ukelele, and a banjo* (not mine, obv)

But hey, it’s not all rock and roll in this house.

We’ve just finished watching Hotel Transylvania.


And now I’m sitting here deciding which RAID log to adopt as a standard, in my new role.

Yesterday I copied 63Mb of document templates from my NAS to work.

Today I spent a significant amount of time bending a spreadsheet to my will, through the careful application of some half-remembered VBE.

This evening one of the girls asked how old I was.

I said ‘Thirteen’.

This was accepted without question.

*removes glasses, rubs eyes, puts glasses back on*

I went to Guides last night.

No I am not an actual Girl Guide.


I am lending some assistance with a project that the local gang, mess, posse, group of Guides want to do.

So last night I sat down and listened to eight of them.

They’re a blood-thirsty lot.

So yes, as you can see, it’s not all rock and roll here.

*listens to the washing machine, on its rinse cycle, in the kitchen*

I got asked, this evening, what my ‘running in’ strategy will be, for the ZX10R, when it arrives.

I ummed and ahhed.

I believe the first service will be due at around 500 miles?

To get to that mileage could take me all of two weeks.

Running in strategy?

I guess keep it under the red line.

I have spent a lot of time reading the online manuals and watching the various videos about the ZX10Rs on-board systems.

I know now how the ABS works.

And the launch control.

And the quickshifter.

And the tri-modal engine management system settings.

I’m going to pretty much leave the ABS alone; set it low.

Dunno about the quickshifter, but I’m not inclined to use it, and certainly wouldn’t use it during the running in period.

The tri-modal engine management system? I’m just going to leave that in ‘mid’.

But the launch control?

Oh yes, I’m going to be using that so I can BURN YOUR ARSE OFF AT THE TRAFFIC LIG…


I’ll use the launch control to help me avoid high-siding the bike on pulling away from static situations.

So that new jacket?

It is delicious.

It’s been made-to-measure by Hideout Leather.

We saw them at their stand at Motorbike Live! at the NEC.

I’ve been looking for a top quality humpless leather motorbike jacket for ages.

I saw just the thing on the Hideout Leather trade stand.

I tried it on.

It was gorgeous to wear, and smart to look at (so smart, you could easily wear this jacket out to the pub, despite the elbow and shoulder armour).

I wanted to take it away with me, and was very disappointed to learn that they weren’t actually selling anything ‘off the peg’, and that the jackets there were just for show.

I asked how much one would cost.

I fell over.

I stayed over.

It was a lot of money.

But when I got up and tried it on again it felt so right.

So comfortable.

So much like part of me.

So much like part of me that I handed over half of the reddies, and paid the balance a few weeks ago.

And the freshly-made jacket arrived shortly afterwards.

It feels beautiful to wear.

No, I’m not sitting here on the settee, writing this, looking at RAID log templates, whilst wearing my nice new motorcycling jacket.

Cos that would be weird.


Hideout Leather jacket

Hideout Leather jacket

*In the words of Billy Connolly, ‘A gentleman is someone who knows how to play the banjo, and doesn’t’. I don’t even know how to play it,

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4 Responses to Blogathon 24/16: Lifestyle glimpse

  1. Allister says:

    Mr. Connolly also said, of growing old, “Never trust a fart.” and I think he’s a top bloke and right about many things.

  2. Masher says:

    That IS a nice looking jacket.

    I quite fancy getting a decent leather one – threw my old one out last year as it was awful – but not at those prices.