Not a dry eye in the house

I’ve just got back from a two day, company-wide conference in Cardiff.

My employer has an enormous Health & Safety programme; it is an ongoing information-based roll-out that is delivered to every employee, in every layer of the company.

This policy is a key strand to the company’s safety strategy, and safety is important when staff are working with highly dangerous materials.

On the first day of the staff conference, the company’s Health & Safety Advisor played us a video.

It’s called ‘Kate’s Story’, and it was shown to us under the heading of ‘complacency’.

If you have the time to spare (just 15 minutes) please give this short film a watch.

It doesn’t matter whether you work or not.

It doesn’t matter whether you work with dangerous materials or not.

Complacency can take many forms, and accidents can happen at any time or place – whether we are at work or not.

But please be aware that this video – this terrible, tragic, yet true story – has such emotional weight that it will, in all likelihood, reduce any viewer to tears.

Just as it reduced a room of 200 people to tears, at our staff conference, yesterday.

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One Response to Not a dry eye in the house

  1. Masher says:

    I’ve just sobbed my way through the Invictus Games this week.
    I AM soppy.

    I agree though that complacency can be a killer, and whilst they’ve all seen plenty of safety videos, I might add this one to the list for my guys to watch.