Making tracks

On Friday evening I jollied down to Rockingham Racetrack.

I was scrutineered and safety briefed.

Then some bloke came along and pasted these stickers on the ZX10-R:

Rockingham race preparation

Rockingham race preparation

Rockingham is quite a small circuit.

The front straight is an easy wind-up to 140mph, and most of the corners on the back are a straightforward 100mph.

But I didn’t have sufficient tarmac to lift the Ninja out of 3rd.

It was a great evening, even though mental tiredness started to become a factor (I’ve had raging insomnia all week), and I started to lose the concentration I needed to have.

So I wound up earlier than planned.

But I still had lots of fun.

Lining up an overtake

Lining up an overtake

Overtaken him

Overtaken him

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2 Responses to Making tracks

  1. Masher says:

    You is a mad eejit.
    I hung up my racing leathers years ago.*

    *Yeah, like I had racing leathers!