Ripping off the NHS patients

Here’s a thought.

As an in-patient, I was only able to access Internet services via the WiFi provider that the hospital partners with.

The 4G signal being somewhat patchy.

It is right, frankly, that neither the wider NHS, nor the Nottingham University NHS Trust/Nottingham City Hospital provides this kind of service.

They need to concentrate on their core activities.

But Internet services are fundamental, in this day and age: access to the Internet has even been judged a human right.

There needs to be a review of the current Internet Service Provider to patients at the Nottingham City Hospital.

WiFi Spark, ISP ripping off NHS patients

WiFi Spark, ISP ripping off hospital patients

WiFi Spark charge their captive market £6/day for an advertised download speed of 1Mb.

But hang on, VirginMedia charge me an equivalent £1.58/day for an actual download speed of 200Mb (and 20Mb upload).

So WiFi Spark charge four times the price that VirginMedia charge, whilst the so-much-cheaper VirginMedia deliver a service that is actually 200 times faster than WiFi Spark promise to deliver?

Yes, so it would seem.

Anyway, because I had no alternative, I bit the exorbitant bullet and paid £9/day to WiFi Spark.

And yet never once, in that 24 hour period, did I get anything above 250Kb download.

Sometimes, I barely got over 100Kb download, and seldom got above 25Kb on the upload.

So the service levels that WiFi Spark advertise are nothing more than made up numbers?

So it would seem.

And let’s look at those prices.

Not an actual price of £6/day, but a true cost of £9/day for two devices.

And if you have three devices, then the true cost is £12/day (which doubles the advertised price).

£12/day for shockingly awful levels of service.

My phone tried to do an OS upgrade, and in 18 hours it still hadn’t downloaded the upgrade pack.

18 hours!

OK, so these are terrible levels of (paid through the nose) service, but that isn’t this point which has got me so (non-medically) inflamed.

That there is no alternative.

And presumably, because this has been allowed to continue, the NHS Trust that runs the hospital has never carried out a value-for-money service review?

I doubt it.

This is what has angered me.

A full service review needs to happen, else the patients are just going to continue getting ripped off.

And ripping off a bunch of people who are not only captive, but who are seriously unwell, is beyond unethical.

It is a scandal.

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