Heart Attack Diary: #2



My neighbour has a dog that barks all day long.

It isn’t continuous.

The dog started barking at 09.15 this morning.

Round about 10.30 it ceased – just long enough for me to hammer the two Popmaster contestants who, unlike me, made it on to Radio 2 – before resuming at 11.15.

Just before noon it stopped barking.

It is now 13.30 and the precious little darling has just started barking again.

The lovely little darling will continue barking, in this fashion, off and on, all afternoon.

There’s nobody home, next door, because they both work.

This asks so many questions.

Who would buy a dog, and leave it alone all day long, while the householders are out at work?

How could anyone even consider this to be a good idea?

And if someone did this thing – and by this I mean if someone had to do this because of a change in circumstances – would you expect them to figure out that the dog would be unhappy, and take action to prevent it?

Especially if a neighbour (that would be me) has told them that their charming little darling barks all day?

Wouldn’t you?

Let’s have some context here.

The neighbours aren’t to know that I’m at home, resting in peace and quiet, after a heart procedure.

But they have been told their dog barks all day.

And they have done the square root of nothing to prevent/mitigate against this.

So what should I do?

  1. Tell them (again) about the all-day barkathon? Or
  2. Just get the RSPCA or Dog’s Trust to come and have a word with them about being responsible owners? Or
  3. Do nothing


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2 Responses to Heart Attack Diary: #2

  1. IanB says:

    Telling them “your dog barks” had no effect – perhaps they tried something and it didn’t work.

    Since you have some spare time you could come up with three (empathic, compassionate and practical) suggestions on how to resolve the situation so the dog barks less, thus solving the problem. 🙂

    Saying “your dog barks and it’s a pain in the ass” tells them something they already know.

    Lucky for me my dogs are with me almost 24/7 and don’t appear to do anything other than sleep when we do go out.

    • Brennig says:

      I told them their dog seemed distressed when she barked off and on all day. I emphasised that it wasn’t idle yapping, it seemed genuinely distressed. That was Tuesday afternoon. All day Wednesday and Thursday – not a single sound.