Heart Attack Diary: #7

In which the dark forces of the evil Empire attempt to gain ground through an alliance with the off-white forces of the slightly naughty Empire…



Evil Empire.

Is that why Orange have become EE?


The follow-up cardiac clinic appointment I was expecting arrived today.

I can’t help noticing that I have two cardiac clinics on back-to-back days. after I will have returned to work.

Oh well.

I walked miles today.

I could tell you how far I have walked today, but I’d get pretty extensively told off for it.

So my lips are totes sealed.

It occurred to me, during the long goodbye walk that it was just a few short weeks ago that we were enjoying life in our beach-front holiday accommodation on Majorca.

Or Mallorca, if you prefer.

We swam every day.

I had a daily goal to swim out to the yachts moored offshore.

During one of my daily swims, Sam took a photo from the apartment balcony.

She helpfully annotated it.

Daily swim in Puerto Pollensa

Daily swim in Puerto Pollensa

How things change so quickly, eh?

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