Heart Attack Diary: #9

It’s not all sex, drugs and rock and roll


I continue to climb the walls and chomp at the bit.

Although that sounds like a near-impossible piece of multi-tasking.


I feel fine.

I feel ridiculously good.

I am bored rigid.

And yet by the time the early evening comes around, I feel really weary.

Is that an after-effect?

Or is that just me getting knackered towards the end of the day?

I’ve been told that I can no longer donate blood.

This makes me unbelievably sad.

Giving blood has something I’ve been doing for many years.

I know I’m a common as muck O Positive, but that’s not the point.

I’m on the national organ donor’s database.

Which is something.

I keep getting phone calls from Taylor Swift.

I wish she’d just stop.

I know it’s the beard.

And the motorbike.

But Jesus, Taylor, enough is a enough.

Give it a rest eh?

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2 Responses to Heart Attack Diary: #9

  1. Masher says:

    But you haven’t got a beard.
    And wasn’t it Britney Spears (I could be wrong, but I definitely can’t be arsed to try and find the article).

    Due to a long-running illness, I too haven’t donated for a long time. But I’m getting better, so hopefully that should be fixed before long. I’m also common-or-garden, so I’ll give a pint for each of us.

    • Brennig says:

      Oh. Yes I do have a beard.

      And Britney was bothering some chap or other, but Taylor’s been all over me.

      I like the idea of give it one for me.