Blogathon 05/17: Favourite snackage

Continuing the weekend of postings of the less-seriousnesses

Shall we start at the beginning?



Or bap?


And if bap, soft or crusty?

And if sandwich, brown, white, or wholemeal?

Inside it, butter or spread?

And then the filling.




Fried egg?

Ham and tomato?


Sliced or grated?

And pickle?

And maybe tomato again?

And then…

If sandwich, plain, or toasted?

Ketchup or brown sauce?

So very many questions.

Most motorbikers seem to live for the semi-traditional bacon sandwich on white bread with brown sauce (HP, of course).

Bacon sandwich

Just writing that got me excited.

I may need a moment or two to calm down.


When I was Eventing, my favourite post-competition snack (because what lunatic would eat before competing?) would be a fried egg sandwich on white with brown sauce.

Fried egg sandwich

Oh, God, I need to have a couple of minutes again.

[time passes]

So those magnificent foods sit high on my list of top snackages, but there are other excellent choices.

At home, grated cheese and pickle (preferably toasted, and with optional sliced tomato) is the king of snackage.

And, away from the heat and fire of the kitchen, there is little wrong with the humble crisp sandwich (cheese & onion flavoured, obviously).

Crisp sandwich


If you haven’t strayed in to the kitchen whilst reading this, what’s your favourite bread-related tipple?

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3 Responses to Blogathon 05/17: Favourite snackage

  1. Masher says:

    Sausage and egg.
    On freshly baked and buttered tiger/giraffe bread.
    With brown sauce (Daddies).

    With a cup of splosh to wash it down.

  2. Dave says:

    The French are bloody useless at sandwiches. I miss corned beef sandwiches, preferably with tomato sauce. They don’t do corned beef. But more than anything I miss sausage sandwiches. With tomato sauce. On white bread.

  3. Allister says:

    French toast. But ONLY if someone else makes it.