Title: Undecided

Preface: First Words/Last Words

Muffled noise.

The seatbelt had done its job.

I was securely strapped to the driver’s seat, upside down.

I shook my head to try to shake the impact memory, the thuds, the bangs, and my head being jarred around.

The windscreen was crazed, but held itself in place.

Blood dripped from my face on to the car roof below.

I was still holding on to the steering wheel.

There was a thud outside.

‘Are you OK in there?’ asked a muffled voice.

I didn’t answer.

‘Hello?’ A little clearer.

The blood continued to drip upwards from my nose, and I realised my chest hurt.

She put her head through the open window on the driver’s side.

‘Are you… Jesus Christ!’

I tried to tell her that I wasn’t the Son of God, but my tongue wouldn’t work and I realised that the blood dripping from my nose was originating in my mouth.

There was a bang on the other side of the car, and someone said something I couldn’t hear.

The passenger window was kicked in.

She was still learning in through the driver’s window when a gloved hand reached in through the passenger’s window.

The hand held a gun.

The gun spat once, and her face disintegrated.

The gun spat again and I died quicker than I was already dying.

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