New motor!

I have spent the day grappling with a new motorised, four-wheeled beast.

It’s a rear-wheel drive automatic.

And carries a massive engine delivering a huge 150cc.

I have a new lawnmower.

Or rather, I have a lawnmower.

A very expensive visit to the Nottingham store of Machine Mart yesterday led to a new member of the family.

A self-propelled Suffolk Punch.

So now, instead of Sam paying a guy £s every couple of weeks, we have entered the world of DIY lawnmowing.

I suppose I’ll need to buy a strimmer next?

If I get any good at it, maybe I should give up work and cut grass for a living?

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One Response to New motor!

  1. Masher says:

    I wouldn’t.
    It’s the toughest game in the world, the ol’ grass-cutting business…

    [Fast Show 1997]