Neighbours (a synopsis)

Early last month I posted an excerpt of a writing project that caught my imagination, in draft, while I was kicking a few ideas around during a writing binge.

That project is still running, but it has changed shape from the comedy it was intended to be.

While I develop that project in to the hard-hitting SciFi-based drama it is crying out to become, I want to work more on sketching out some funny bone writing.

So I’m going to have another go at the funnies but I want to ask if this concept might hit the humorous.

Working Title: Neighbours

Genre: Comedy


A leafy village in a rural shire. A cul-de-sac of large semi-detached houses. Two families next door to each other.

The Jones family (middle-aged, both work full-time). They are renovating the inside of their house, as such time around their professional lives allow.

The Smith family (middle-aged, he works full-time, she works 2-1/2 days per week). The Smith family have a dog which barks and howls non-stop when left in the house alone (which is at least 2-1/2 days per week, plus occasional ‘lone’ times at weekends and evenings). In addition to her part-time job, Mrs Smith does a couple of massage sessions most Saturdays, but doesn’t charge for her services.

Mr Jones has emailed Mrs Smith several times to politely complain about the non-stop barking when the Smith dog is left unattended. Three emails were sent over a particular six week period, while Mr Jones was recovering at home after a heart attack. No additional emails have been sent, as the situation appears to be beyond the control of the Smith family. A year later, the non-stop barking still happens whenever the dog is left alone.

Lately, Mrs Smith has started emailing Mr Jones to complain about the house renovation noises that occurred on a Saturday. The reason for the complaint is because this disturbance interfered with Mrs Smith’s ‘ambience’ during the two massage sessions she carried out on that Saturday.

Mrs Smith has included, in her email, the times of her massage appointments the following Saturday, and asked the Jones family for a lack of disturbance during those times.

Meanwhile the Smith’s dog continues to bark and howl, non-stop, 2-1/2 days a week, and occasional weekends and evenings.


That’s the basic premise of ‘Neighbours’.

I think there is a significant amount of comedy that could be built in to this scenario.

Do you think it has potential for a six-part TV sitcom?

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3 Responses to Neighbours (a synopsis)

  1. Masher says:

    I think it has the potential for you to turn into a homicidal maniac with an axe, if that dog doesn’t stop barking.

  2. Allister says:

    Can animal control be called in to address the dog’s welfare?

    • Brennig says:

      Ah! That’s a device that opens up another comedy backstory. The RSPCA are aware of the neglect and animal’s distress, but they can’t get involved until the local authority has noise-assessed the situation. Cue a farce of to-ing and fro-ing while the council chokes on its own internal bureaucracy