It is 04.30 on Easter Sunday and Dandy and I are downstairs.

I’m not too sure why Dandy is (unless it’s because of his FOMO), but I am here because I have a cold.

It’s not manflu, it’s just a cold.

But the associated nasal flow means being horizontal right now is not exactly a great idea.

So I’m up.

With a bogroll on one side, and a loudly purring catten on the other.

*honks nose into strip of bogroll*

*Dandy looks unamused but continues​ to purr*

I’m thinking of playing with a new tech project.

Taking an old but reasonable spec laptop, wiping it, installing Linux, putting some Office-y apps on, and using that as my main home computer.

Pretty straightforward, except I can’t decide which flavour of Linux to go for.

The host operating systems in the datacentre, after a couple of shots of prototyping and a massive flirtation with Centos, were built with Debian.

KX Studio looks very interesting, but as you might guess from the name, it was developed for a different purpose, and not as an Office platform. Maybe KX Studio is a different project for the future?

Elementary Loki looks extremely slick, modern and, built on Ubuntu, LTS is not going to be an issue.

Or there’s the openSUSE operating system, which has everything I would need (but it looks just a bit dated).

There are many things to mull and consider, but it’s going to be an interesting little project.

Meanwhile I still have a cold, and Dandy has gone outside to stretch his legs, or whatever it is that young cattens do at this time of the morning.

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2 Responses to Cold

  1. Masher says:

    I really like Linux.
    Let me re-phrase that: I hate Linux.

    I love the idea of having Linux, but I can’t get on with it. I installed it an old desktop PC a while back – there it is, sitting next to the Windows machine – but I haven’t switched it on in ages.
    I love the idea of a free open-source operating system that would allow me to get away from Windows – I actually don’t have anything against Windows except for the price – but when I tried it (and I tried several different flavours) I found I was spending far too much time tinkering with it. Everytime I wanted to run something I was having to open a command window (or whatever it’s called in Linuxland), which meant reading up for the right commands to enter and whatever.
    And then there were drivers. Don’t get me started on drivers!

    Of course, I realise that to someone who knows what they are doing, Linux is probably a doddle to use, but for me, I’ll have to wait until it is more user numpty friendly.

    • Brennig says:

      I have downloaded openSUSE this very evening. I’m quite looking forward to the experience. I had a murder of a time with CentOS and Debian in the datacentre prototypes.