New family member!

Last Friday was a special day.

We left Nottingham and drove to Sheffield, where we transferred from my car in to a lorry.

Then we drove to:



Once we had reached our destination, we loaded up the lorry, said goodbye to one and all, then headed back southwards.

At our destination, we unloaded the lorry:



I’m thrilled that Prem has come to live with us.

We have a bit of a long-term project on our hands, but I hope that by this time next year, Prem and I will be off bothering various equestrian officials.

Sam was brilliant, esp given that she’s not horsey in any way.

I think she secretly loved driving the lorry!

Anyway, here he is today:



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3 Responses to New family member!

  1. Kate Newey says:

    Oh, he looks a beauty. Kind gentle face, anyway.

    • Brennig says:

      Thank you Kate. He has a lovely head, for sure. But he’s also a lovely chap around the stable.

  2. Masher says:

    You and your bloody one-upmanship… just cos I went and got a dog!

    Still, it doesn’t really surprise me. The joy that you felt, being with Vin was always evident in your writing at the time.

    I’m sure Prem will bring a similar amount of happiness.