Film Blogathon 02/17: Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

You know those annoying syrupy films so self-consumed that they can’t see the joke at the centre of their own reason for existing?

Well, Pitch Perfect isn’t one of those.

This is the story of an all-girl A Capella group at a fictional co-ed US university.

I approached Pitch Perfect thinking it was going to be a large helping of sugar-coated gloop, just like (shudder) Glee.

It isn’t!

Instead, this is more like 112 minutes of Mean Girls The Musical (that’s the best analogy I can come up with); a film with a strong line in self-deprecating humour, and an occasional sideways glance at itself.

The writing is so sharp that it allows the odd nugget of cunningly-hidden adult humour to skilfully glide over the heads of younger viewers.

Production is OK (could have been better in places), but the film is shot with such articulate intelligence that it develops a likeable character of its own.

Yes, there is intelligence in Pitch Perfect. And it is a good example of smartly articulate story-telling.

But it isn’t a documentary, so lighten up people.

Although I enjoy the way Pitch Perfect allows some of its characters to develop, I do have a problem with Rebel Wilson, or maybe my problem is with the Fat Amy character.


Aside from this minor issue, Pitch Perfect is a nicely-paced feel good film that is a bucketful of family entertainment.

And easy and thoroughly enjoyable watch.

Which you should.


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5 Responses to Film Blogathon 02/17: Pitch Perfect

  1. Rich says:

    We watched this as it was on TV on Saturday night. Despite both being more than a little sceptical we really enjoyed it.

    It didn’t have the cheesiness factor we expected it to have.

    (Plus I’d totally do one or two of them).

    • Brennig says:

      It’s kind of a guilty/not guilty pleasure. Of which I’m sure you have several 🙂

  2. Masher says:

    Not seen it, but I have heard good things about it.

    Maybe I’ll see if it’s available on Netflix… but not this month, because then I’d have to review it.