Film Blogathon 06/17: The House Bunny

I know right?

There’s this girl?

And she’s like an actual Playboy Bunny?

You know?

Actually lives with Hugh Heffner in his mansion and everything?

But for reasons too complicated to explain (or too complicated for the audience to understand), she decides to leave the Playboy Mansion?

But this makes her homeless?

I know, right?

Like a poor person?

So she needs to find a place to live, because, like, we all do, right?

So she decides to get a job as a House Mom in a Soriety House on campus at College?

So she gets a job as a House Bunny Mom at the Zeta House?

And the girls who live at Zeta House are all, you know, really really unfortunate looking?

Like there’s a Goth with loads of facial piercing, and there’s a girl in a torso-brace, and there’s a girl who is like so like you know, plain, right? And there’s another girl who is so grossly pregnant that she looks just sort of f.a.t. you know?

Anyway, the House Bunny Mom has to get lots of pledges from lots of new students so that they will join the house, otherwise Mean Mrs Hagstrom is going to Close Down The House, right?

So the House Bunny Mom just goes about turning everything around and making the lives of those unfortunate girls so much better, while Hugh Heffner sits in his Mansion getting really miserable because his favourite bunny has left him, and eats lots of ice cream because that’s what we do when we’re down, yeah?

But while House Bunny Mom is being real cool and also turning everything around the House Bunny Mom messes up her own personal life because she seems to have the interaction skills of a cabbage, right?

But in the end, the House Bunny Mom gets everyone straightened out, and Zeta House gets all of the pledges they needed to have, and Hugh Heffner gets to spend the rest of his life in the Playboy Mansion with all his other Playboy bunnies and he gets over the ice cream phase and just chills out with lots of those other Playboy Bunnies and the House Bunny Mom finally gets it together with Oliver and they all live happily ever after?

I know, right?

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2 Responses to Film Blogathon 06/17: The House Bunny

  1. Masher says:

    You actually watched that?