Film Blogathon 07/17: Tornado Warning (originally: Alien Tornado)

Synopsis: Aliens are lured to Earth by a strange electronic signal, and they appear to you and me as destructive electromagnetic tornadoes (really!). Brilliant high school student (not a cliché, honest), together with her father and weather/storm chaser blogger who is already involved in the study of these ‘tornadoes’ are struggling against time to prevent further disasters and to disable the signal to make these destructive aliens/pseudo tornadoes leave the planet.

This film is CGI-effects a go-go.

And not in a good way.

The story is set in the American mid-west. Or possibly in South Carolina.

An unpredicted tornado strikes a small farm, but it behaves like no tornado we’ve ever seen before.

Not only that, but the Official US Government Weather Watchdog denies that the tornado-strike ever happened.

There are a number of sub-plots designed to keep the viewer off guard:

  • The 17-year old daughter (who says of her dad ‘you’re so old’) who achieves the top 10 percentile at school and qualifies for a place at Chicago University
  • Her single-parent dad who hasn’t insured the farm, and has spent his deceased ex-wife’s life insurance payout just meeting financial ends (and not been telling his daughter about all these financial dire straits, obv)
  • The town cop who is from out of town and Who Has A Secret
  • The Sinister Top Secret Government Installation just outside town
  • The storm chaser with ten years experience who can just feel an instant barometric drop. Yeah, right, we’re all that gullible as well
  • The sinister-looking blacked out SUVs linked to the same Secret Government Installation. Maybe

Anyway, to the film.

Despite the very low budget, which was probably almost the same amount as our weekly household shopping bill, and despite a very silly plot, Tornado Warning isn’t too bad.

Oh, it is bad, yes.

It just isn’t too bad.

The lo-fi special effects look unconvincing, but that’s the point. You’re supposed to notice that those tornadoes aren’t as we know them.

And the storyline has more cheese than the entire town of Cheddar.

But the female lead (Stacey Asaro) is surprisingly strong in a role that most people would find challenging.

Contrastingly, the head bad guy from the sinister SUVs is embarrassingly badly acted by David Jensen (no, not that one, another one).

But despite the childish plot and the unavoidable potholes of bad acting, there are things to enjoy about this low-budget flick.

I’m not too sure what they are yet, but I’ll let you know when I work out what they are.

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