Film Blogathon 00/17: round-up

Strictly from a personal point of view, this has been an interesting challenge.

And ‘challenge’ has certainly been the right word.

In the writing, I have enjoyed experimenting with the narrative ‘voice’, and using cross-styles.

Reviewing films that were unwatchable rubbish alongside films that would be on the Top Hundred list of most people, has been interesting.

Finding the time, and originality needed, to make a review worth reading has been another part of the challenge.

And poor old Barry Norman dying, part-way through, almost seemed like an omen.

No, not Barry Cryer, as the Daily Fail put it:

Daily Mail getting it wrong again

Daily Mail getting it wrong again

This one. The real one:

Barry Norman

Barry Norman

I got a couple of tips from Young Masher, that have been added to my ‘watchlist’.

And Kennamatic gave us his view of the view of a couple of films worth looking at.

But it was a challenge.

And no, I wouldn’t do it again.

Thank you to my two co-conspirators for their support along the way.

But I’m out.

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One Response to Film Blogathon 00/17: round-up

  1. Masher says:

    Yeah, next year we want something a bit easier, please.
    I failed miserably – to be honest, I thought you were going to fail as well, but you’re obviously a strong finisher.

    And did the Daily Mail really mistake Norman for Cryer? Ha ha!!!!