The BMW 120d is a sack of crap

For the last week I have been driving a BMW 120d.

That’s one of these:

BMW 120d, a sack of crap

BMW 120d, a sack of crap

In the not too distant past BMW used the phrase ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ to describe their cars.

That’s certainly not a description I’d be happy using, if I worked for BMW, else the Trade Description enforcers would be all over me.

The driver’s ergonomics are awful (if the driver is over 5′ 10″). Apart from this point, the cabin is comfortable, fore and aft.

The engine is quiet which, frankly, it should be, given that it has the output of an arthritic hamster.

The gearbox is so vague that key components seem to have been manufactured from jelly.

The media centre developed a mind of its own, and had to be shut down.

And the hatch-boot space could barely accommodate a medium-sized ham sandwich.

But on the positive side, fuel consumption was good.

And the mirrors worked.

Another positive thing about driving the BMW 120d was that it really made me miss my car.

How I yearned for the beautifully-engineered, precision-manufactured (German designed and German built) gearbox.

And the (German) gearing ratio that just worked, and didn’t have to be fought against.

And the cavernous hatch-boot, which could take one very large suitcase, one medium suitcase, one small suitcase, two rucksacks, a handbag, AND a medium-sized ham sandwich.

Seriously, BMW, I don’t know who the target market is for your 120d, but as sure as hell isn’t anyone who you could call ‘a driver’.

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4 Responses to The BMW 120d is a sack of crap

  1. Dave says:

    I have a problem with BMWs. I quite like the look of them from the outside, but I have never seen the inside of a BMW I like. I’m sure there will be some I would find acceptable as I can’t say I have sat in many but those I have do nothing for me. I’ve never driven one so only know the performance from those being driven when I have been the passenger but that is never a good test of performance. Maybe one day I shall get the chance to appreciate one but time may be running out. And as for dreadful gearboxes, the Ferrari I got to drive was a case of push the gear lever in some sort of direction in the hope of actually selecting a relevant gear.

  2. Masher says:

    I think they still use the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ in their advertising. Aston Martin should sue.

    Best mirrors I ever had were on my Honda CRV – great big things like an elephant’s ears. Could see everything in ’em.

    • Brennig says:

      Never driven an Aston. Never driven a pair of elephant’s ears either. Maybe we should ask for cars with elephants ears.