Must. Not. Spend. More. Money

I bought a dingy before I hit my teens.

It was an 8′ GRP; I used her on the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal, in the summers, until I left home.

She looked a lot like this:



Years later, no longer in my teens, I learned to sail.

I learned serious racing and blue-water sailing in a 36′ yacht, a Sigma:

Sigma 36

Sigma 36

I loved the Sigma.

Stripped down, as you’d expect a racer to be, she was fast, nimble, responsive; everything a serious racing yacht should be.

They say you should never go back to an old flame.

But are they always right?

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2 Responses to Must. Not. Spend. More. Money

  1. Dave says:

    Am looking forward to seeing pictures of the new boat. You know you are going to!

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