Clean pair of heels

Prem’s two-part rehabilitation continues.

I’m not just rehabilitating a horse that had a a very serious injury.

I’m also rehabilitating a racehorse, and (hopefully) turning him into a nice little riding horse.

We’ve had a few bumps along the way and will, undoubtedly, have more bumps as we continue to make progress.

Since November Prem has been on eight hours of daily turnout.

He’s been having varied exercise: ridden walk and trot, building to occasional canter in December.

As he has become fitter, I’ve also introduced exercise on the lunge.

Unfortunately after a few weeks of daily turnout, the weather changed dramatically, and all of the fields flooded.

To compensate as much as possible, Prem has been having daily spells on the horsewalker and, a couple of times a week, I’ve been letting him have an unbacked turnout in the arena.

This is Prem’s turnout this afternoon. You can see how fit (and pleased) he is

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2 Responses to Clean pair of heels

  1. Masher says:

    I’m no vet, but he certainly looks fit and healthy to me.

    Hold on… a horse.
    And a canal boat.
    And a tow path.

    It’s all coming together now!