Things I learned today

Every day is a learning experience. If it isn’t we are all doing something wrong.

Sometimes the things I learn are interesting.┬áSometimes they’re geeky.┬áSometimes they’re not helpful.

Today’s lessons are:

  1. The Pink Floyd album Piper At The Gates of Dawn (which I always thought was an evocative title) was named after Chapter Seven of the book The Wind in the Willows. Fitting really, that such an accomplished writer as Kenneth Grahame should come up with a title as good as that
  2. Wind turbines are not an efficient method of electricity generation. Before I go any further with this, here’s an important word. Disclaimer: The following information comes from a conversation with an engineer who works on wind turbines, these are not my words or thoughts. So anyway. Apparently when you see a wind turbine not turning it’s because it’s broken. They break down frequently. Very frequently. The motors burn out. The brushes fry and seize up. The prop shafts also seize up. Even though they are on a programme of preventative maintenance, breakdowns occur frequently, sometimes keeping a wind turbine offline for a couple of weeks. Also, according to the same engineer:
  3. Solar power is the way to go. Solar panels are becoming more efficient every month. Battery storage is becoming better every year
  4. People are dicks. This is an old lesson, but it got reinforced a little
  5. Having two wheels is cool for cats:
Cool for cats

Cool for cats


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4 Responses to Things I learned today

  1. Masher says:

    Point 2 is interesting, as I have often wondered – when passing one of these wind turbine farms – why some are turning and others are not.
    Thank you.

  2. Dave says:

    I thought the ones down here might not be turning because they might be on strike. Like the farmers. Virtually continually.