Speaking in tongues

Sorry about the length of the first sentence, but breaking it up loses the non-stop narrative of the scene

In the closing seconds of The West Wing Season Three, in the third episode on the boxed set (but the second episode of the series – there’s a 9/11 ‘special’ on the DVD-set which wasn’t broadcast in the original sequence), President Bartlett, having delivered a big ‘playtime is over’ speech to his staff, walks (flanked by Leo) out of the school classroom on to the balcony to the cheers and accolades of the Manchester (New England) crowd.

At that point Soph looked up at me and said with an immaculate accent: Zony ozsturdi.

I know I’m constantly learning new things about her, but since when did Soph learn to say ‘I can’t find my toothbrush’ in Serbian?*

I queried her and she translated from the Herefordshire dialect she’d actually spoken: ‘He’s only horse-turd high’ [meaning: The actor playing President Bartlett is rather short, isn’t he?].

Language, it’s an amazing thing.

* I know it’s not actually ‘I can’t find my toothbrush in Serbian’, but you have to admit it’s pretty damn close!

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One Response to Speaking in tongues

  1. Jonners says:

    Pretty damn close and pretty damn funny!

    Hope you’re okay, Bren…