Plusnet/BT: good customer service/awful service

I have been a loyal and faithful customer of Plusnet (aka BT), for more than 12 years.

Through four house moves, over those dozen years, I have stuck with Plusnet/BT because I liked their product and their customer service when I needed to speak to them.

I have been a happy subscriber to the Plusnet/BT Superfast Broadband, until now.

First of all, I am paying for the Superfast Broadband which, according to Plusnet and Openreach is delivering 70Mbs to the house.

Except it isn’t, as you can plainly see from BTs very own speedtest result:

Plusnet lack of speed

Plusnet lack of speed

I used to get 70Mbs, but about eight months ago the speed took a hit down to 50Mbs.

A few weeks later it dropped to 38Mbs which is where it’s been languishing ever since.

To put this in to context, I’ve lost almost half of my broadband download speed.

Plusnet said the problem is the config, but I’m using a cable into a router into an Openreach modem.

And that’s the config that Openreach gave me.

So suddenly that config’s wrong?

An Openreach engineer attended. He said I should be getting 70Mbs, and successfully tested the download to that speed.

Then he saw me run a speedtest and verified what I am actually getting.

I changed the cable from the laptop to the router. No difference in download.

I changed the router. No difference in download.

He changed my Openreach modem, but that changed also nothing.

As I’m out of contract (there’s a reason for this), Plusnet said they couldn’t help me any further so goodbye and thanks for all the money.

Speaking of money, I’m paying a couple of quid south of £40/month for this substandard Superfast broadband.

Why am I out of contract?

Because I shall be moving soon. If I take out a new contract (18 months!), I will have to pay a penalty for early termination.

None of these things is good.

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2 Responses to Plusnet/BT: good customer service/awful service

  1. Masher says:

    A pound per meg download speed? That IS a bit rubbish.

    I’m confused though. The Openreach engineer tested the download speed to 70MBs and yet you’re getting half that?

    Would the only different piece of kit between your test and his, be the laptop that was used?

  2. IanB says:

    See now I feel bad about getting 400mb for $29.99 with a 2ms ping.

    Oh wait, no I don’t feel bad at ALL! 🙂

    Mind you we have Ronald (Liar Liar Pants on Fire) Krump which tends to take the shine off things and makes the UK leadership look strong in the stable or whatever it is they’re fond of saying (I’m a bit out of touch with the current British incumbents).