Not quite right

I don’t want you to think I’ve run out of imagination or owt, but the only thing I have to blog about is my health. Or lack thereof.

I could tell you about my fun-filled first day back at work, but you really wouldn’t believe what I could relay.

Maybe I’ll save that. For another time.


For the last few hours I have been alternating between heavy dozing and attempting to cough up a lung.

There was a while, about ten minutes ago, when I thought I had achieved lung removal. I am happy to report that both lungs, and a considerable amount of snot, still live inside me.

Taunting me with their continued existence.

It’s likely that I shall sleep alone tonight. And frankly who couldn’t see that coming?

Even in another bedroom I’ll probably disturb all sleep in the house.

Even the cats have moved out of the bedroom.

Can’t blame them either.

Even the teenaged son of our neighbour, who seems to spend every single evening SHOUTING AT THE TOP OF HIS VOICE into a mobile phone, at his friend(s), hasn’t stuck his head above the parapet this evening.

I’m really over this whole being unwell chapter now. I just want to return to healthy.

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2 Responses to Not quite right

  1. Masher says:

    But, by your own admission, if you get better, what will you blog about?