Two wheels on my wagon

That’s an odd word.


Or is it ‘waggon’?

Maybe it’s either.

Or neither

Or both


Despite a significant hiatus in the blogging, rumours (as Twain M said) of my demise have been greatly exaggerated (as you can see by the very way these words are forming on your phone, tablet, laptop, PC, external monitor, or Smart TV).

(get a move on, it’s time you set the scene. Ed)

I am in bed at the shockingly early time of 8.30pm.

It is Saturday.

The Eurovision is on t’telly.

The Beast (as I have affectionately named the ZX10R) has still not had her her gearbox rebuild.

But she’s been called in, and will be done a week today.

Yay! Booyah! And \o/ and other down with the kids expressions of joy.

I’ll be glad to get her done, especially as I am commuting to work on her.

The change from being an employed to a self-employed person meant, in my case, the company car went back.

My very recently received tax statement told me that I paid over £5k/year extra tax, just for the pleasure of having that car.

That’s £12,500 extra tax I handed over to HMRC, while I was in that job

If I’d realised the magnitude of that cash penalty I believe I’d have decided to leave that job much sooner!


Spring is upon us and commuting on The Beast is smile-making fun.

And soon (too soon) it’ll be Summer, and the commuting will be similar, fun wise.

But Autumn is lurking in the unsuspecting future, and that calls for an alternative form of transport.

I’m quite taken with the Mercedes-Benz E class, 220i.

Good quality used models are as cheap as chips, and there are many in the used car market.

But we will see where my head is at when it comes to purchase time.

In the meantime I’ll keep commuting on The Beast (though I do need to find a way to tame her assertive behaviour, especially when filtering in heavy traffic).

Right, it’s taken half an hour to tap this out on my phone.

I’m off to watch Eurovision through the medium of The Twitter until I fall asleep. In about 18 minutes.

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One Response to Two wheels on my wagon

  1. Masher says:

    I always attributed that quote to Wilde O. #stilllearning

    I had a company car for several years and paid a small fortune in tax for it. Even once the car had gone back, a year later I was still paying catch-up tax on it. Same with the medical insurance. Makes you wonder whether these ‘perks’ are worth it.

    Can’t comment on the Merc, other than to say it looks nice.