Nice out

The ZX10R has had her recall work.



I’m grateful to the good folk of Leicester Kawasaki for turning round the gearbox rebuild, and annual service, in four hours.

She does feel a little different now.

The gearbox, always a wet dream, is still as easy to navigate, but there’s something else.

The gearing is heavier (in either direction)  but it isn’t clumsy.

And the relationship between gearbox, clutch, and throttle is closer; more coordinated.

The gearing ‘heaviness’ adds even greater positivity to the travels through the box.

And there’s more ‘bite’ on engagement.

I don’t believe the ZX10R’s top-end performance has been altered, but the journey to that eye-watering top-end has been significantly enhanced.

It’s just such a shame a product recall needed to be issued to achieve these things.

Also, thank you to Leicester Kawasaki for the full detailing and valet.

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One Response to Nice out

  1. Masher says:

    She’s looking priddy.

    Not sure I’d have taken the time to photograph her in a petrol station though!

    You’ll probably find that new-found tightness will loosen up after a few k.