Blogathon 09/18

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Electronic data, in all of its forms?

A good thing? A bad thing? A bit of both?

I ‘own’ 1.75Tb of electronic data.

Audio files (music tracks/albums and various recorded interviews) comprise about 35% of that.

30% are videos, and either completed, or partially completed video projects.

The remaining 35% are a combination of documents and spreadsheets, backups of content of various websites and databases, plus a code repository for various software application I’ve written.

For ease of access I’ve mapped a network drive across the LAN to the NAS IP address.

I use the NAS, locally, every  day.

My entire music library (including iTunes podcasts) are all saved in a subdirectory in z:\

So are all of my writing projects; past, present, and future.

So my NAS is a pretty important place.

Which is why I’m currently backing it up, to a 3Tb EDD.

I got a text from my NAS this morning.

It told me:

Wassup Dude! One or more volumes/Disk Groups/iSCSI LUNs/SSD caches are degraded. We suggest you replace the failing hard disks with healthy ones for repair.

I thanked the deity of RAID, which creates a volume and spreads that volume across multiple hard disks so that if one disk fails, the other disks in that volume carry on working, with no data loss.

I bought the Synology Disk Station DS-211 NAS server (and therefore the storage disks inside it) in August 2011.

That doesn’t sound that long ago.

But it’s been on 24/7 ever since then, and has also been through four house moves over those seven years.

And it’s saved my backside more than once, through being my total backup repository.

Not to mention being my entire digital library.

But with one disk failed, it is time to consider a new NAS.

So I’m about to place an order for a Synology DS418, and four 3Tb drives.

For the RAIDing.

And once I have installed it, it will be time to say goodbye to this little chap:

Synology DS211

Synology DS211

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2 Responses to Blogathon 09/18

  1. Masher says:

    Can you not just change the ailing drive?
    Or is it that are you looking forward to an upgrade?

    Either way, don’t say goodbye to the little fella, I’m sure he can be put to good use, somehow.

    • Brennig says:

      I could just install a new drive, but I’m taking the failure of one as an early warning signal that the health of the other might not have too much left in it. Besides, an upgrade will bring more RAM. That’s one thing about Synology, you can’t upgrade the RAM